The individual mandate did not survive under the commerce clause,but survived as congress’ ability to tax.Other parts,including states mandated to cover more people under medicaid survived.Roberts voted along with the four leftist judges.



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14 responses to “JOHN ROBERTS SCREWED US!!

  1. Pistol Pete

    John Roberts to the Americans people:


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Doesn’t this mean Obama DID raise taxes after all? ….


  3. GP

    I am not sure this is a total loss. The Supremes are saying what the dems tried to cover up. Obamacare is a TAX. This just might get more people to get out and vote this sucker out of office. I know it will make the tea party even more motivated.
    I think the Supremes were saying, that congress created this mess, let congress take the fall or clean it up.
    Let’s hope the GOP will not take this sitting down.
    Then we really will be screwed!


  4. Pistol Pete

    It appears the left now has a permanent majority on the Supreme Court with a minimum of 5 votes.Six,if Kennedy votes with them.Time to sharpen the pitchforks,its Tea Party time.There are a lot of people,me included,seething right now.


  5. All the more reason to repeal Amendment XVI. It was too vaguely worded and basically allows the fed gov’t to collect income tax for anything that it wants, when it should have been limited to the specific powers enumerated in the Constitution.

    As a note…I absolutely object to this ruling by the Supreme Court. If there ever was a case of legislating from the bench that I am aware of, this is it. If the Obama administration used the word “penalty” (which I am of the understanding they did) when writing the law and SCOTUS stated in their opinion that they cannot punish people for not purchasing insurance, the mandate should have been struck down. Instead SCOTUS has, in effect, said, you wrote the law this way, which is unconstitutional, but if you had written it this way, it would have been okay, so we’re just going to change the law to the way we think it should have been written, rather than ruling on how it WAS written. SICK and WRONG!!

    Repeal the 16th!!!!


    • GP

      I agree. Now the GOP will have to run on appeal or it will be the end of the GOP. If they do not stand against this monstrosity, the tea party will indeed go from a movement to a third party.
      This is a defining moment for liberty.
      This is the second American Revolution. We will not take to being taxed to death by our own govt, any more than the colonialists did by the British.
      I am actually feeling we won this bout, because it will be the shot heard round the TEA tables all over America.
      The other thing that I think is important is hopefully getting more Ron Paul people on board. I met so many of them at the Health Freedom Expo. These are people who have always voted D, and they are not happy about obamacare because they know it will spell doom for holistic health options. They despise the FDA and know that Obama has put FDA powers on steroids. Many of them tell me that there is no difference between Romney and Barry. But I think the idea that Barry picking more liberal supremes may win them over.
      In any case, the next few months are going to be wild ride!


  6. FranklytheNut

    Well, either Roberts is crazy-like-a-fox, or his epilepsy medication side effects are making him confused and irrational. Depends on which story you read…


  7. Ting

    This is a very confusing day and I wish that I had the time to join Pete “under the table and dreaming”, but I had to keep working. I think that I see this the same way that Mafia Rose does. It is strange, because both my 24 year old daughter and my 28 year old nephew have “pre-existing conditions” and I confess that I really, really want there to be some kind of reasonable catastrophic health insurance available for them. Now there is no such thing here in Virginia. They are just plain out of luck if they do not have employer provided health insurance. My daughter does, at the moment, but my nephew does not.

    I just want them to be a part of an insurance “network” so they get the negotiated rates (you know how they bill you $10,000 for an hour of outpatient care, but your insurance company says they will only pay $500, and the hospital accepts that) and some assurance that if they are in a terrible accident they won’t lose everything they own. Otherwise, they can pay for their own care, if it is the same rate that the insurance companies get. My daughter is seriously dating a very nice man who is an independent general contractor, so he has his own private insurance. But if he were to marry my daughter, she cannot be added on to his policy as things stand now. She could not be a stay-at-home mom because she will need a job with health insurance, even though she has been insured every day of her life so far. I just don’t think that is right. Obamacare fixes that, so there is a very tiny selfish part of me that is glad about that part of Obamacare.

    But I still really, really wanted that thing overturned and to start over from scratch. Also, I’m with Rose on the basis that the majority used to uphold the law. That is a precedent that will come back to bite us before we know it – I have no doubt. Frankly’s articles just confused the daylights out of me. I am beginning to loathe Krauthammer.


  8. pam freeland

    John is truly an “evil genius” he created today, a pyrrhic victory for the democrats, and put the entire congress on the horns of a dilemma ,, brilliant, As well the reelection strategy of Obama is now in a pickle. It would have been SO much better for OB if the AFC act had been defeated.
    So Solomonic in nature, And the funniest things is so few people saw or caught what he was doing. Justice Anthony Kennedy tried to undo it by voting the way he did, he saw what was happening but he was behind the curve, like someone starting second in a tic tac toe game and losing a turn. The “tax” designation was also brilliant. Also the way the law is now, few states can afford the system with medicare. Several other horns of a dilemma issues, play “where’s Waldo” and find them.