BHO cuts AZ from the herd

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The Obama Administration has been spinning the Arizona SCOTUS case as a question of state vs. federal jurisdictions. But clearly it was never anything of the kind. Arizona never tried to make any state laws that contradicted federal laws. They tried to make state laws that would allow them to enforce federal laws that federal officials were not enforcing.

Now that the Supreme Court has unanimously supported Arizona’s right to do this, the Obama administration is doubling down on the whole not-enforcing-the-law thing. Basically, it’s a giant neener neener from the Obama White House to the Supreme Court, the governor, legislators and citizens of Arizona, all of whom overwhelming supported the law.

The Obama Administration treats North Korea and Iran better than this.

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I like the “overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution” part.

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The law that Obama the “Constitutional Scholar” declared “Poorly Conceived” is the one the Supreme Court just unanimously upheld.

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4 responses to “BHO cuts AZ from the herd

  1. Ting

    Does anyone know if the lack of cooperation with local law enforcement is just for Arizona – or whether it applies to the whole country? I would think there is another lawsuit right there if it is just for Arizona. And if not, maybe lots of states could band together to sue, like in the health care case.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I heard Sheriff Joe say he was going to continue to enforce the laws that are on the books in Arizona, period. The SCOTUS decision said it was okay to require citizenship checks on people picked up for offenses against Arizona laws.

      If they’re illegals, they are supposed to turn them over to ICE. But if ICE won’t pick them up, I don’t see any reason AZ is not free to continue prosecuting the original crime. Even if the crimes are minor, they get their faces, prints, names etc. in the data base, which has to make it easier to catch them doing something worse.

      Illegals who commit crimes in Mexico aren’t just booted across the border. They go to jail. In MEXICO. It’s worse than Sheriff Joe’s tent city with green bologna and pink u-trous, so I have NO problem with them saying, “ICE won’t come for you. Welcome to MY world.”

      Gets me wondering … there is a hierarchy of criminals in prison. Or so the tv crime dramas say. Like pedophiles are the dregs. Even violent mobsters draw the line at hurting kids. I wonder if legal criminals would be hostile to illegal criminals. ?


  2. “Why is [Obama] lying about this?”

    Bwahahah! You shouldn’t leave easy openings like that lying around. The answers were so many, they crowded up in my brain and none made it out.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      LOL … love the mental gridlock imagery! LOL

      You no doubt realize this, Mindful, but for newcomers, I will elucidate. I target many of my graphics to people who voted for Teh Won.

      This one is 30 months old, when the alphabet media was furiously spinning AZ’s “rebellion” via the talking points the Obama Democrats were helpfully providing. I’m doing things a tad snarkier now, because the tide turned a long time ago and even ABC is actually reporting on and mocking Obummer.

      I phrased the “why is he lying” text in a way I thought would act as a “brain splinter.” Confrontational dialogue just turns my target audience off, but thoughtful questions have a way of digging in and causing cognitive dissonance.

      It’s like the way a splinter digs into your skin and, even though it may be so small, it’s hard to even find it, the pain is real, so you have to keep working at it until you get it out.

      Then you have to deal with the infection, which I do by providing positive information and graphics about why Republicans can be proud and why our policies are better for human beings than Democrat policies are.