Last stage of their journey

The Mascots Grand Tour of the Northeast is nearly over. They’ve had a grand time, but I think all the Buzzers will be happiest when they are reunited with Daddy Buzz. The Army gave him something he had to do, so he couldn’t come. I hope they kept him really busy. He misses his family so much when they’re away.

They’re going home with lots of loot! Mama Buzz packed two suitcases with consumables (diapers, formula) so she’d have plenty of space for gifts and purchases. The other grandma took them to the OUTLET MALL! Eeek! I got treated to a camera-phone fashion show of totally adorable, unbelievably cheap clothes for the kids. Don’t you just LOVE that sunsuit!?!?!

Corporal K made Miss Kitty for Bunny, because Buzz has a favorite boy sock monkey from when he was the same age. (Ignore her nekkidness, please. She’s going to have clothes before they leave LOL.) I made them some Veggie Tales fabric books and gifted them each with thematic story books and a stuffed toy … D.W. for Bunny and Curious George for Buzz. (His Mama got him the monkey backpack.)


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2 responses to “Last stage of their journey

  1. Ting

    So cute. And yes, the sunsuit is adorable and cheerful, but not nearly as cute as the little lady who is wearing it. Til next time…..I hope it won’t be long before they are back. Maybe the holidays, I hope!