Who ya gonna blame?

A group of Italian seismologists are on trial for manslaughter. Supposedly, they’re responsible for the hundreds of deaths following a big earthquake they didn’t see coming. If convicted, they face up to 12 years in prison.

They’re not being blamed for failing to predict the earthquake. They’re being blamed for thinking the series of small quakes was dispersing seismic energy enough that a large quake was “unlikely” but could not be ruled out.

Supposedly, if they’d been less cautious and more scare-mongery, all those 309 people who died in the unlikely Big One would have sensibly packed up and left town.

Suuure they would. Just like how … knowing they lived in an earthquake prone area, they somehow did not manage to build earthquake-proof houses.

The day after the Big One, Reuters reported “shocked Italians asked how modern buildings — not just historic churches and stone houses — could crumble into pieces in a region known for its high seismic risk.”

Franco Barberi, who heads a committee assessing earthquake risks at Italy’s Civil Protection agency, told reporters there is a “lack of control on the quality of construction” there and that “in California, an earthquake like this one would not have killed a single person.”

Is this the Socialist Grasshopper mindset or what? Don’t prepare for the future, then blame the Ants when the predictable happens.

Source: http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/science/2011/06/should-we-blame-scientists-for-not-predicting-earthquakes/

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4 responses to “Who ya gonna blame?

  1. I try to stay on top of seismic news . . . and while there is a very small amount of predictability, it’s almost worthless. Some people are starting to discern patterns (as in, if this Solar even happens on Day 1, there is an increased chance of a quake over 6.0 somewhere in the world 3 days later. Or, based on ionization patterns, something might be building in the north section of this continent. . . sometime . . . maybe soonish. . .). But there’s no one who can predict the size and location of a quake in advance. I’ve heard of it happening. . . once. And her methods were. . . well, she has visions . . . so not exactly something one could base a public announcement on . . .

    good Lord, socialism breeds idiocy (or vice versa, too, huh . . .)


  2. Ting

    At first I thought that this surely must be some kind of parody or joke. No wonder all the economic gurus say Italy is the one to watch for major troubles ahead.


  3. GP

    For some reason, all I can think of is something I once saw on a T shirt:
    Feel the earth move-marry a siesmologist!