June 2012: Can you define sustainability? [1:43]

Members of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) were asked what “sustainability” means.

In my local community, Republican leadership devoted years to building up a nice savings account to use for major one-time expenses and to cushion us against economic downturns. When Democrats took over the majority, they began spending that savings account at a phenomenal rate. What used to be multiple millions of dollars will, by the end of this fiscal year, be zero. Next year, our community government’s income will be less than the Democrat budget … by a LOT.

As anyone with a piggy bank knows, a savings account is a non-renewable resource. It takes a long time to fill it up and a very short time to empty it out. But did this bother the Lefties who have been sucking that savings dry for the past few years? No. In fact, one of the uses to which they put this non-renewable resource was to hire a Sustainability Czar. Do ya GET the irony? The Sustainability Czar’s SALARY is unsustainable. Sheesh.

Her job is also a tad mysterious. Apparently she is tasked with sticking her nose into the business of local agencies to make sure they are doing “things” in a “sustainable” manner. I’m not sure what that means exactly … apart from the obvious Democrat Throwing Her Weight Around while Getting in the Way of People who are Actually Trying to Accomplish Something for Taxpayers. THAT part is crystal clear.

As far as who really loves the planet …

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