Selfishness vs Generosity – Left vs Right

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“The left has made it a shtick to feign generosity while directing the government to confiscate unearned money and to redistribute it to hook capable human beings on just-above-subsistence-level incomes.  Those who fall prey to this scheme become the truly selfish citizens who demand that others cater to their every need.  Meanwhile, those who just want to live their own lives, keep the fruit of their own labor, and to be left alone become falsely demonized as ‘selfish’.” ~Kyle Becker

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Please read: “Why Liberals Are Selfish” By Kyle Becker – June 20, 2012


It is a constant refrain on the left that conservatives are “selfish.” Those who want to work and keep the fruits of their own labor are castigated as self-centered and greedy, while progressives are held out to be all-compassionate and kind for supporting government-run programs for every malady under the sun.

Enough of that rubbish.

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