This is what MSNBC calls “real journalism”

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell played a clip from a Romney speech to demonstrate to viewers that he is an out-of-touch RICH GUY.

Mitt Romney Is Amazed By WaWa [:49]

Now watch a video taken by someone who attended the same event that was NOT edited by MSNBC. The editing is outrageous! Pistol Pete called it Felony Media Malpractice. Really.

Mitt Romney In Pennsylvania [3:28]

I’m glad I saw the actual clip. Mitt is interesting and funny. Love the billboard story. As for that 33-page form, this is what ObamaCare is going to make WORSE. I’m getting more and more juiced about voting for this guy in November!

Slightly off topic, though not really … can you picture Barry O pushing a grocery cart? Clutching coupons? Carefully adding each purchase to his grocery calculator so he won’t go over the amount he has in his little wawa … I mean, wallet? Me neither. But it’s ROMNEY we’re all supposed to hate for being rich? ::snort::

H/t to Pete for source story @

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6 responses to “This is what MSNBC calls “real journalism”

  1. He IS a funny guy and much more charistmatic than John McCain. As sad and disappointing as it is, this is much more important to many people than his policies. A lot of Americans will vote based on whether or not they like the guy (or gal)!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I had to laugh when I heard his buses circled the block a couple times, honking at folks waiting to get in to see Obama. Reminded me of high school football.


    • “more charistmatic than John McCain” — Not do dis ol’ John too much, but I was amazed you used charismatic and John McCain in the same sentence. This is almost damning with faint praise, you know. More charismatic than a pine 2×4. More charismatic than dried mud. Woo! 😀


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Dearest tells me we had a local GOP committee member actually at the Romney event. 🙂