Character matters

Obama’s response to a perceived heckler [1:56]

The reporter said later that he was NOT heckling. When he spoke out, he actually thought Obama’s speech was finished. I agree with him that the cadence of Obama’s speech is confusing. The way he stops and starts makes it hard to know when he really is done. And reporters have to jump in if they have a hope of getting their question heard.

The Laughing Stock Media ignored the content of Obama’s Rose Garden announcement (which was that he is instructing INS to NOT enforce the law) and focused on tut-tutting over what they characterized as “heckling” (not as a reporter asking a question out of turn). Some of them did some chin-pulling about whether a White President would be treated with so much disrespect.  Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … you mean, like this?

Bush Heckled “war criminal” [:46]

But none of that is my point here. My point is the prickly way Obama responded to a reporter speaking out of turn. Video clip below shows how Romney responded to a planned group interruption of a campaign event.

Romney’s response to a group of actual hecklers [:43]

Here is how Obama handled a planned group interruption by his own supporters. Check out the face. Sheesh.

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So … who do YOU want in the Oval Office? A bossy jerk with a chip on his shoulder or a smooth gentleman with a sense of humor? Speaking of humor … this last video clip is a well-done anti-Obama ad.

Most Arrogant Man in the World [1:05]

Remember in 2008, how the Left drooled over Mr. Barack O’Cool? What a joke! He’s only calm and congenial when he’s being stroked and pampered. At the first sign he isn’t getting his way, he acts like a 2-year-old who missed his nap.

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7 responses to “Character matters

  1. Dee

    Romney keeps surprising me. He has the fight that I imagined Palin would have. Maybe we’ll end up pleasantly surprised with his policies, too.


    • I agree, Dee. Of course, it helps that I had such low expectations for Mitt in the beginning. 🙂 The important thing is that he is not repeating the disastrous mistakes that McCain made.


      • Ditto to both of you. I continue to hope that I have been terribly wrong about him. . .


        • Pistol Pete

          Like most here,Romney was not my first choice,but it is what it is.We have to dance with who brung us.I heard a discussion on the radio about republicans voting for Romney,but the left assumes we will not actively campaign at the grassroots level for him.I think they underestimate how desperately we need to rid ourselves of the lawless tyrant currently destroying our nation.