Banning guns is proven to increase violence

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    In the absence of Pete’s GR, I thought this was the most appropriate spot for this:

    Got this in email from MRC this evening (June 18, 2012), but the site must be whelmed. It took me about ten tries to get into it.

    Dear Christine,

    Informed Americans are disgusted by our own government giving guns to Mexican gangs under the Fast and Furious program. We at MRC Action are also disgusted by the media’s shameful cover-up of this scandal, and our outrage has reached a tipping point.

    This scandal is spiraling out of control with Congress scheduling a vote to hold the U.S. Attorney General in contempt for withholding evidence of his involvement in this scandal from Congress. Holder himself is calling this contempt vote a “Constitutional Crisis.” But what is the liberal media calling it? Nothing. They can’t be bothered to report on this historic scandal.

    Tens of thousands of you have already signed our petition demanding that the media report the truth about this scandal. If you haven’t done so yet, click here to join the fight against the media’s Fast and Furious blackout!

    The historic Congressional vote will take place this Wednesday, June 20. We will deliver your petitions to ABC, NBC and CBS that same day!


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