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Down the Road to Serfdom: Warnings from a British Friend

March 29, 2012 By Daniel Hannan, a Member of the European Parliament


Brief excerpt:

If there is one thing that strikes me every time I visit the United States, it’s that most people have no idea of how fortunate they are. One of the reasons that people here are productive — and it now takes four Germans to put in the same man hours as three Americans over one year — is that the incentives are rigged toward success, toward productivity. If you penalize wealthy people in order to reward poor people, you will end up with fewer wealthy people and more poor people.

Abstract of entire article:

The United States was born out of a popular revolt against a distant and autocratic government, and its model has always been based around the maximum decentralization and democratization of power. Now that model is being abandoned.

The policies currently being pursued amount to a comprehensive program of Europeanization—European welfare, health care, taxes, carbon levies, unemployment rates, and foreign policy.

The community of free English-speaking democracies is the standing, permanent coalition of the willing, but it depends on America’s commitment and America’s keeping true to the Anglo–American common law heritage of freedom, parliamentary rule, and personal liberty without which America is made less exceptional, poorer and darker.

Read the rest @ http://www.heritage.org/research/lecture/2012/03/a-warning-from-a-british-friend


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Posted by Pistol Pete

Just a short post today,since nobody’s around on the weekend anyway.

Just a few words about Obama’s naked power grab yesterday.I truly believe that almost unlimited power is driving him mad.He has a big,empty hole where his soul should be that all the lies,theft and pain he can inflict won’t fill.When you listen to his speech listing all the conditions for amnesty,no criminal record,must live here five years,blah,blah,blah,remember it all means NOTHING!No one cares if they meet the criteria or not,he desperately needs all the illegal votes he can get.Never mind the increased competition for jobs,the added pressure on social services or the increase in crime.As long as it helps him win,that’s all he cares about.I am thoroughly convinced there is no depth he won’t sink to,no law he won’t break in an effort to hang on to his power.We  must all pray and work to rid ourselves of this virus before the damage he does becomes irreparable.




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