Small businesses struggling to stay afloat

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4 responses to “Small businesses struggling to stay afloat

  1. GP

    One of the tactics of Agenda 21 is to destroy small businesses. After all it would not work if too many people are independent and not under the thumb of big brother.
    The Obama Czars have been doing this with one regulation after another, bypassing congress to make it so impossible to own a business that people just give up. My friend was even told as much when she complained that the new regulations were driving her out of business. She went from several employees to one, her husband. The reason is, it became a nightmare to deal with all the paperwork required for employees.
    This is also what I have heard from a French friend who owns a business there. He said his employees have it better than he does. He is required to give so much to his workers there is nothing left for his own family.’
    The socialist system relies on everyone being dependent. Yes, they let large companies exist, but they keep them under control with regulation and political favor.
    This is why obama would like us to become France. He really does believe a company only exists for jobs. If they dare to turn a profit, it is taken by big brother. Meanwhile, he rides around on his expensive toys, eating his steak or not paying the little guy who serves him in a diner.
    All hail King Obowmao.


  2. Ting

    Well, this is one small business owner that is feeling the strain. I fit in every single one of those categories, Chrissy. I had no idea that destroying small businesses was a part of Agenda 21, but it makes sense, as those are usually very independent types of people who don’t like to fit into big structures.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      It makes sense to me, too. I concentrated in Medieval Studies in college and the rise of the middle class was a HUGE part of the increase in freedoms, economic prosperity, literacy, etc. etc. When the top 2% control everything and there bottom 98% are struggling just to survive from day to day, there is much less emphasis among the monied class to bother with learning etc. Most of their efforts seem to go into maneuvering for political and social power, which isn’t very different from what we see in these people today. It’s the people in the middle who have more than enough to survive who have the time and resources to learn and invent cool new stuff that makes lives easier for more people.


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