President Pirouette

Lost Focus [:52]

This is the latest from the RNC, which is churning out one fabulous ad after another!

H/t Pete

All the references to pivoting made me think of ballet … especially since Obama’s first Chief of Staff was once a serious ballet dancer. So I googled at YouTube and found the gem below. It’s fun all by itself, well worth a watch. Pay attention to where Simon ALMOST cuts her off, which she basically deserved at that point, because her dancing was just 10 year old nothing special.

Ballet Dancer on Talent Show [3:53]

Now that you’ve seen it all, may I just say that … in my humble opinion, Barack Obama is just like that kid … coming on to a big national stage with lots of hype only to offer up a lame, kids’ recital level performance. What Obama was expected to do but NEVER DID, was what Holly did that shocked Simon … WOW us with some REAL TALENT!

I just thought these two videos made for a nifty contrast. Besides … everyone should hear that skinny little kid hit that last high note at least once in their lives! 🙂


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2 responses to “President Pirouette

  1. Ting

    NEAT!!! The RNC is really doing a bang-up job with these ads, and they do have an awful lot of material from which to choose, so I say keep hitting – a new one every few days til Nov. I like the juxtaposition of the two videos, and I LOVE the moniker of President Pirouette.

    I was pirouetting all over my house just a few minutes ago, chasing a bat that got in when I opened the back door to take out the trash. I chased him around with a broom for about 20 minutes and then when he settled in on my crown molding I got a ladder and an old Cool Whip container and trapped him and finally got the little monster outside again. I felt like I was dancing a ballet trying to keep track of all his swooping and circling all over the downstairs of my house. What a night!