MSM yawns over religious freedom protests

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2 responses to “MSM yawns over religious freedom protests

  1. Ting

    I had no idea, but I really don’t think there has been a television turned on in this house for at least 2 weeks – maybe even as long as a month. I have only read the Gardening section of the newspaper – I should just cancel that subscription. Polination has taken over as my source for what’s happening and I feel better informed than ever before. Thanks, everyone!


  2. Violet

    What really frosts me is that the consideration given to Muslims is NEVER extended to Christians. Didn’t Ø fully exempt Muslims from Obamacare because insurance is a form of gambling to them? And then he takes a hard line on forcing the Catholic church to pay for abortions and birth control. Dont look to ‘catholic’ Nancy Pelosi for any support on this…she’s only Christian for an hour or so on Sundays.