Leaders vs Losers – Tea Party vs Occupy

Chrissy’s Site Bites @ http://news.webshots.com/photo/2023210920056011884XCDjKq

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Insight: Can Occupy Wall Street survive? – Jun 7, 2012


Tea Party Movement


Media Cheer Wall Street Occupiers But Jeered Tea Partiers



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5 responses to “Leaders vs Losers – Tea Party vs Occupy

  1. Ting

    I had no idea that he numbers for Occupy had taken such a turn. That is very encouraging, Chrissy!


  2. A Mindful Webworker

    Excellent comparison, and nicely illustrated!


  3. Tony Rancont

    I made almost this exact point (without the statistics) in October of last year on my blog.


    If my posting the link to my blog is too presumptuous, please remove it with my apologies.


    • Hi, Tony. Chrissy’s poster: 115 words. Your article: 1787 words. I think you may have elaborated a bit more than Chrissy’s summation. 🙂

      Looked around your blog a bit. (See? “Advertising doesn’t cost; it pays!”) Not that I need to add yet one more blog to my overwhelming list of blogs, but I will check into it more. At first blush, nice general theme, and not an impossible-to-follow quantity of posts (like SOME blogs I could name [heh]). Since I have uncontrollable OET (Opinion-Expressing Tourette’s), I admire quality v quantity. 😀

      Techy FYI, Tony: I attempted to post a comment on your “product roundup” post, but even though I have a Gravatar/Wordpress account (as used to reply here on PoliNation), I don’t have a WordPress blog, which your site seems to require (e.g mindfulwebworker.wordpress.com). Ended up using my GooglyYouTube account instead (1st time using it that way), but that doesn’t seem to allow my little icon pic. There must be some way to set your site up like this one. (Just don’t ask me how.)


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