The Grammy Report

This pretty well sums up the Buzzer’s opinion of Grammy! LOL He likes Nonno just fine. They went to the Science Center and got SOAKED playing with the water exhibits and walked across the suspension bridge together. Buzz only liked the bridge if it didn’t bounce too much. On the plus side, he has been SO GOOD about not touching things we tell him “no” about! He did get really stubborn about my essential oils. He tried to open one and got a big NO from both of the Big Mama types, then he fussed and fumed and grabbed the bottle out of the box again. Another big NO. Third time, he took it out and handed it to his Mama to put back. I loved that. Obeyed, but preserved some of his dignity. LOL He’s such a cool kid! … And then there’s my Honey Bunny! She lurves me :). I’m really enjoying the part where I can do only the fun stuff, then pass her off on her Mama when she stinks or spews or needs to go down for a nap! Hee hee!

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  1. Auntie Lib

    Adorable babies!!! Love the look on “the Buzzer’s” face. There’s a whole op-ed written there! Enjoy every minute of your time with them!!!! Yay for grandkids!!!!