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Obama disses Air Force grads

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Walker makes history!

Wisconsin will have ten electoral votes this fall.

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Obama’s morbid vanity

Sarah Palin on Wisconsin Recall: “Obama had to distance himself from the solutions.”

“Solutions?” he says, “What solutions?”

“Obama is so self-satisfied that in his mind, his legacy was largely written before he stepped into office. So fervent is his ideological belief system that even objective evidence of his dismal policy failures doesn’t shake his confidence in his prescriptions.”  David Limbaugh @ http://www.wnd.com/2012/05/obamas-morbid-vanity/

Limbaugh’s article reminded me of our once-upon-a-time pediatrician.

My youngest was on the 50th percentile for height and weight from birth through 2 months checkup, but at her next, 4 months, she had dropped into the 5th. I think in that time she gained something like 4 ounces. Her doctor seemed less than concerned; I was alarmed.

For six months, the baby’s growth crept along in that very-small-for-her-age place. If she’d been small from the start, that would be okay. But she hadn’t been.

The pediatrician diddled around with a “wait and see” attitude, which made me slightly nuts. So I went and did my own research, ultimately taking the baby to a specialist. He did some tests and worked with me to create a treatment plan, which we instituted at about the eight months mark.

Within six weeks of starting, the baby’s rate of growth had QUADRUPLED. When I showed this to the pediatrician and told her what the specialist and I had done, she just sniffed and said the treatment hadn’t done anything at all.

“You just started feeding her more.”

IOW, rather than admit that the treatment plan was effective, she as good as accused me of STARVING my infant for SIX MONTHS.

That kid is now 28 years old and I STILL want to slap that damn doctor. I KNOW that if she had prescribed a treatment that produced a quadrupling of growth, she’d have taken credit.

Ditto Obama’s policies. If they’d worked, he’d take credit. They haven’t worked, but he won’t take blame.

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The Psycho Left

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When Barrett conceded, he was behind by 200,000 votes.

“I wonder how Democratic officeholders and their professional class feel about having a grassroots base that is, at least in some parts, psychotic enough to resort to physical violence upon their own candidates for acknowledging reality.” ~Jim Geraghty

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Source: http://www.nationalreview.com/campaign-spot/301948/enraged-lefty-slaps-barrett-conceding


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The Grammy Report

This pretty well sums up the Buzzer’s opinion of Grammy! LOL He likes Nonno just fine. They went to the Science Center and got SOAKED playing with the water exhibits and walked across the suspension bridge together. Buzz only liked the bridge if it didn’t bounce too much. On the plus side, he has been SO GOOD about not touching things we tell him “no” about! He did get really stubborn about my essential oils. He tried to open one and got a big NO from both of the Big Mama types, then he fussed and fumed and grabbed the bottle out of the box again. Another big NO. Third time, he took it out and handed it to his Mama to put back. I loved that. Obeyed, but preserved some of his dignity. LOL He’s such a cool kid! … And then there’s my Honey Bunny! She lurves me :). I’m really enjoying the part where I can do only the fun stuff, then pass her off on her Mama when she stinks or spews or needs to go down for a nap! Hee hee!

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