Reaganomics vs. Obamanomics

Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama each entered the White House during a bad economy. Obama often says he inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression. This is wrong. The economy Reagan inherited from Jimmy Carter was worse.





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  1. I read a quote recently, I think from Iowahawk, to the effect that now that our kids have found out what the 1970s were like, it’s time to let them find out what the 1980s were like.

    My kids, most of whom were born too late to remember Reagan, roll their eyes at my adulation for him and they think I’m exaggerating when I say what a great president he was. They’re not fans of Obama by any means, but they don’t realize just how awful he is because their standard of comparison is so different from mine. Only those of us old enough to remember Reagan can fully appreciate the vastness of the difference between a truly great president and a truly horrible one. Only a youngster whose life experience is very limited can believe that there’s not really all that much difference — a claim I hear from a depressing number of naive young people. Here’s hoping that before too long, they will find out just how much of a difference there is.


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  3. Kathryn

    Excellent graphics! Reaganomics pummels Obamanomics.


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