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Reaganomics vs. Obamanomics

Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama each entered the White House during a bad economy. Obama often says he inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression. This is wrong. The economy Reagan inherited from Jimmy Carter was worse.





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I was the unfortunate witness to two events that were televised yesterday.Having never been one to deprive myself of an emotional outlet,I feel a rant or two coming on.You’ve been warned.


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I will NOT be holding my nose in November

In 2008, I voted against Obama and for Palin. But this fall, I will be not just voting against Obama, but also for Romney.

Obama’s Failed Investments: Warnings and Red Flags [1:11]

Obama’s taxpayer-funded investments failed, and thousands of workers lost their jobs. Obama has yet to take responsibility.

The Promise of America [2:30]

Americans love America and are tired of weak leadership.


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Soul Mate vs. Scum Bag

Soul Mate [1:36]

Ann Romney and her family share their thoughts on her struggle with Multiple Sclerosis.


John Edwards admits to extramartial affair [3:27]

John Edwards finally admits to having had an extramarital affair while his wife was fighting cancer.

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