American Catholics and Political Party Affiliation

A prominent Pennsylvania Democrat has switched her political affiliation to the GOP. In her letter of resignation to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, she wrote that it was “time to move forward with my life in a direction that is more in line with my faith.”

In an interview with the National Catholic Register, Nardelli said, “I thought I could make a difference to change our party. It didn’t work. … It’s been going more and more to the left. This is not my father’s party. I did not leave the party; the party left me.”

From a speech delivered to Congress by Alabama Senator Thomas J. Heflin on January 28, 1928: Get ready for this battle. The Roman Catholics of every country on the earth are backing his campaign. Already they are spending money in the South buying up newspapers, seeking to control the vehicles that carry the news to the people. They are sending writers down there from New York and other places to misrepresent and slander our State, all this to build a foundation on which to work for Al Smith for President. The Roman Catholic edict has gone forth in secret articles, “Al Smith is to be made President.” Doctor McDaniel said: “Of all countries the Pope wants to control this country.” “The Knights of Columbus slogan,“ said Doctor Chapman, . . . ”is make America Catholic.” Here they tell you in their book that they will force the propaganda of Protestants to cease, they will lay the heavy hand of a Catholic state upon you and crush the life out of Protestantism in America.


Pennsylvania Democratic Leader Defects to GOP, Cites Catholic Faith as Reason – May 29, 2012

Warning Against the “Roman Catholic Party”: Catholicism and the 1928 Election


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