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The Race Card passed its expiry date a long time ago

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Chrissy’s Site Bites @ http://news.webshots.com/photo/2004664260056011884bZtPsn

Chrissy’s Site Bites @ http://news.webshots.com/photo/2670106600056011884VlTvYb

Chrissy’s Site Bites @ http://news.webshots.com/photo/2654868530056011884bjVnBd

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Some really good health info

The standard American diet is responsible for a lot of our poor health, chronic disease and early death. Here’s why and what you can do about it.

Acid vs. Alkaline – Any Questions ? [8:58]

Below: Why I think this stuff is true … or … A short journey into more than you wanted to know about Chrissy

When I was a sophomore in college (ca 1974), I began to suffer some really bizarre symptoms (insomnia, could NOT sit still) accompanied by chronic, intractable pain. I was hospitalized, sent to specialists, and then released and sent back to college minus any diagnosis or treatment protocol.

Barely able to function, I soldiered on. Or I should say, I jocked on. It’s in the genes. Bruises heal; goals don’t. Yada yada. It was a crappy year, but eventually the symptoms subsided enough that, although I had been able to complete only a half year of course work, I was able to overload my junior and senior years so I could graduate before my 4-years-only scholarships ran out.

Fast forward about six years. The symptoms suddenly returned, but in the interim, I had begun seeing a chiropractor who did a lot with nutrition. I went to him and recited my complaints. He asked, “Are your lips dry?”  Well, yes. As a matter of fact, they were uncomfortably dry. And I hadn’t been out in the kind of weather that should make them feel that way.

He went off and came back with a handful of tablets and some water. I swallowed them and he said, “You have a potassium deficiency. You’ll feel better by the time you get home.” I left with a bottle of pills and he was right. I felt NORMAL by the time I got home! (And really angry about how much I suffered sophomore year!)

Fast forward lots more years during which I knew that I could keep the insomnia, agitation and muscle aches thing away by loading up on minerals when my lips got dry. Then somebody gave me a little pamphlet about body pH and some litmus strips. What the heck. It was free, right … so I tested my urine. It hit the “vinegar” color … which could explain the burning.

Over time, I learned that when my body was pH balanced, my poo would be well formed and easy to expel without straining or a ton of toilet paper. As I got more acid, it would turn into clay bombs that were too small to stimulate peristalsis and so would pile up until I was constipated. But, oddly, as I got even more acid, it all suddenly switched to bum burning diarrhea.  This surprised me. I figured diarrhea would be on one side, clay bombs on the other. But that isn’t how it worked.

Mostly, I’ve been coping with this issue by supplementing with minerals and, when I’m so acidic my skin hurts, I smooth Coral Calcium powder on myself which really helps. (I have no idea what an overly alkaline body is like. I’ve never been there.)

Lately, Dearest has been seeing a new chiropractor who is really REALLY into nutrition. He has introduced us to Dr. Axe and “Real Foods.” Recently, Dearest saw the video above in his office. It confirms a lot of what I have picked up over the years and includes some things I did not know.

For example, to bring acid to neutral, the body increases URINE production. This could explain why I’m always thirsty … and know the insides of every bathroom I’ve ever passed. Yes, I’m a pain to travel with. Probably just as well I’m home bound. LOL

The video also says that, to bring acid to neutral, the body steals IODINE and SODIUM, as well as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Okay. I knew about the latter three, but not the first two. Could be why I salt my food way more than Dearest … I sometimes just crave it so much I sprinkle salt on my palm and lick it off. Also, I recently began taking an iodine supplement … and I have so much more energy!

To summarize: Two things acidify the body … diet and stress. There are a lot of stressors we cannot change in our lives. Some we will need time and hard work to change, for which tasks we need to feel well, not exhausted. But DIET … diet we can control.

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