The Journalistic Establishment’s latest violation of public trust

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After you sign the petition below (it’s free), please forward this to all of your patriotic friends and family, share it on your social networks, and remind people that freedom of religion was the first right guaranteed to us in our Constitution.

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“As a citizen and a patriot, I demand an end to the media’s obvious misleading of the public regarding what this mandate means for religious freedom in our country. I also call upon the media to fully report on the massive backlash this mandate has brought about.”

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5 responses to “The Journalistic Establishment’s latest violation of public trust

  1. GP

    I just hope the priests are mentioning this. That will be the best way to spread the message. Any hispanic who thinks this admin. gives a demcRATS a$$ about them must be hitting the tequila.


  2. Might as well quit using “journalist” in the same paragraph as any mention of folks from the Laughingstock Propaganda Ministry. Like the Catholic lawsuit, I heard the author of The Amateur on the radio today, talking about how his #1 book is invisible in the LPM.

    It’s like how everybody in the world knows the slug in chief was born in Kenya, except Americans. Didn’t you? 😉


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