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Periwinkle in bloom

In west central Wisconsin, we usually don’t start planting earlier than Memorial Day weekend, which is when the danger of frost is past. This is fine with me, as I’ve been too busy to do anything with my gardens yet this year — I hope to get to them sometime next week. Still, as you can see, the periwinkle I planted a few years ago is blooming enthusiastically. I just love flowering plants that thrive on neglect!


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The Journalistic Establishment’s latest violation of public trust

Chrissy’s Site Bites @ http://news.webshots.com/photo/2286923270056011884aucbok

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After you sign the petition below (it’s free), please forward this to all of your patriotic friends and family, share it on your social networks, and remind people that freedom of religion was the first right guaranteed to us in our Constitution.

Petition @ http://www.mrcaction.org/action/586

“As a citizen and a patriot, I demand an end to the media’s obvious misleading of the public regarding what this mandate means for religious freedom in our country. I also call upon the media to fully report on the massive backlash this mandate has brought about.”

If you like this, you might also enjoy @ https://polination.wordpress.com/2012/05/16/newsweeks-gaylo-cover/


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Fantastic genealogy and job search resources

One of my e-buds is a librarian. Today, she sent me updates on her web-based projects. There is some great stuff here!

“For Veterans Looking for Work” from my “Newton’s Quick Job Search” Blog


“Genealogy and Family History” (LibGuide)


“Finding Family Members Who Fought In World War II” (LibGuide)


“The Curious Genealogist” blog with a current posting about the above.


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How the electoral vote is shaping up

Chrissy’s Site Bites @ http://news.webshots.com/photo/2155082180056011884EXZAcg

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Florida (29): Obama won by a slim 2.8% margin and on May 3, 2012, Quinnipiac found Romney up by SIX! (Romney 47% vs. Obama 41%)

Ohio (18): Obama won by 4.6%. But on May 10, 2012, Quinnipiac found Obama up by only one. (Obama 45% vs. Romney 44%)

Pennsylvania (16): On May 21, 2012, Rasmussen had Obama up by six (Obama 47% vs. Romney 41%), but he won by 10.4% (Obama 54.7% vs. McCain 44.3%).  Karl Rove believes Obama’s antipathy toward coal and problems with working-class whites and suburban independents could tip the balance.

Virginia (13): Obama won by a healthy 6%. However on April 25, 2012, Rasmussen found Romney up by one. (Romney 45% vs. Obama 44%)

Wisconsin (10):  Obama won by 13.9%. In April, a Marquette poll (Likely Voters) found Obama’s up by four, but this week, he and Romney are TIED.

Colorado (9): On April 23, 2012, a Purple Strategies Poll (Likely Voters) showed Obama and Romney tied at 47% each.

Iowa (6): The most recent poll shows Obama up by ten, but Team Obama is targeting Ohio for special attention with TV ads, which suggests they’re worried.

Nevada (6): Latest poll (Rasmussen) shows Obama up by eight. But Nevada has the nation’s highest unemployment rate (11.7%).

New Hampshire (4): The polls are all over the place. The spread goes from Obama ahead by 12 to Romney ahead by 10. In 2004, Kerry won by only 1%.

Breakdown of electoral vote changes due to 2010 Census

DARK RED States (McCain): Arizona +1, Georgia +1, South Carolina +1, Texas +4, Utah +1

LIGHT RED States (McCain): Louisiana -1, Missouri -1

SWING States (Obama): Florida +2, Nevada +1, Ohio -2

LIGHT BLUE States (Obama): Iowa -1

DARK BLUE States (Obama): Illinois -1, Massachusetts -1, Michigan -1, New Jersey -1, New York -2, Pennsylvania -1, Washington +1

Votes in last 4 Presidential Elections:
Dark Red GOP 4, Light Red GOP 3, Swing 2 & 2, Light Blue DNC 3, Dark Blue DNC 4


Which States Gained and Lost Electoral Votes


Rasmussen (Likely Voters) Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Rasmussen Virginia Matchup – April 25, 2012


Quinnipiac Ohio Matchup (Registered Voters) – May 10, 2012


Quinnipiac Florida Matchup – May 3, 2012


Rasmussen Pennsylvania Matchup – May 23, 2012


2008 Presidential Election Results in Pennsylvania


Marquette (Likely Voters) Wisconsin Matchup – May 16, 2012


Statewide opinion polling for US presidential election 2012


Purple Predictors


Real Clear Politics New Hampshire poll summary


Rove: Romney’s Roads to the White House By Karl Rove – May 23, 2012



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