Obama’s Gay Marriage Flip Flops


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5 responses to “Obama’s Gay Marriage Flip Flops

  1. A Mindful Webworker

    Hey, looka that! Thanks. Your poster was inspiring! Since the “script” was done, I just got to play with the video editor. Animating the flip-flops was technically educational. I could do it better now. 😛


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I love the sound you picked for the flip flops. Makes me laugh!


      • A Mindful Webworker

        Ha! I found a good wet squeaky flip-flop sound effect, but it was commercial. What I ended up using was an effect labeled “squeaky windshield wipers.” I cut it, but you can still hear a bit of the “click” that would make it more recognizable. Whatever works, eh!