Franciscan U dropping health plan

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4 responses to “Franciscan U dropping health plan

  1. I’m not Catholic, so I’m not really qualified to be lecturing the Catholic Church on how it should conduct its affairs, but I’m going to do it anyway. It’s time for the church to engage in some civil disobedience. Quit talking about closing down adoption agencies, schools, hospitals, soup kitchens, etc. Keep them open, keep conducting business as usual, in accordance with Catholic doctrine, and IGNORE the unjust laws that require people to do things that violate their religious beliefs. (See Acts 5:29.) Dare the government thugs to come in and arrest you for behaving in accordance with your conscience! If they do, then alert the news media and have them there to cover the police going in and arresting the people who run the schools, colleges, adoption agencies, hospitals, etc. Broadcast the video on the evening news and on the internet. Show Americans exactly what their government is doing. It might just spark another revolution.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      ITA. Dearest and I were talking the other day about wanting to see a bishop or two in handcuffs … kinda cheap grace, seeing as we won’t be the ones arrested. But I think a LOT of us in the pews are just as disgusted with how weak-spined the American Catholic Church has been since the 60s. I recently heard our new Archbishop of NY, Cardinal Dolan, speak on this and was really encouraged and uplifted by how honest and repentant he was about this issue. We’re seeing a sea change in our parish with our new pastor, expect our libbie bishop to retire soon and hope hope hope the replacement will have his priorities straight. Our diocese has a desperate shortage of priests. In places where the Church has been faithful, there is no shortage! In fact, one of our temporary priests from Nigeria just got approval to stay in the States. He believes and we concur that it’s time U.S. Catholics got some missionaries. We need them.


      • Amen! How many times did Paul end up in prison? We need some modern day Pauls and Silases and Peters. They weren’t afraid of what earthly authorities could do to them — they just did what was right. And look at the results! If religious leaders in this country would emulate them, we would see another great awakening.


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