Another SAHM who doesn’t DO anything all day!

I usually can’t post any pics with the Double Army Brat Mama Buzz watches while her Mom and Dad protect and serve; I don’t have permission from her folks. But in this one, she conveniently kept her face out of the image! I had 3 in car seats once upon a time, too. It makes my back ache just looking at this picture!


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  1. KellyM.

    Well, according to a recent poll (for as much faith as we put in them) Romney is now leading with the women vote. I can’t help but think Rosen’s moronic comment has really touched a nerve. There were communist “friends” of mine that even had a problem with that. Do not mess with women and their families…that is a force to be reckoned with, trust me.
    P.S. Those babies are just precious and as hard as those days are, they were some of the greatest days of my life.