Stoking the fires

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“The Man Who Would Be Dictator”
By Burt Prelutsky – Friday, May 11, 2012

Excerpt: How do I hate Barack Obama? I might spin Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s immortal words and say, “Let me count the ways. I hate him to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.” But even that doesn’t quite cover the contempt I have for this past and present community agitator.

Fifty long years after Martin Luther King suggested we judge a person by his character, this slug is still waging race warfare. While we are all well-aware that he is basing his entire re-election campaign on separating Americans and playing to wealth envy, religious differences and even engendering gender divisions, it is his insistence on stoking up racial hatred that makes him the archenemy of everything decent that America represents.

Only Obama would have made the openly racist Eric Holder his attorney general. Only Obama would have remained silent when Holder refused to indict the Black Panthers for voter intimidation. Only Obama would have said that Trayvon Martin reminded him of the son he never had.

On the other hand, only Obama would have remained silent when his cohorts, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, converged on Sanford, Florida, and incited the black mobs to demand George Zimmerman’s bloodied head on a platter. Only Obama would have prevented his Department of Justice from demanding that the Black Panthers be indicted for offering a bounty on young Mr. Zimmerman, dead or alive.

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