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Yes We Can!

The total of all the other cable stations’ numbers is only 79% of Fox’s viewer number.

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The First Shower Shoe Flip Flops Again

USMC Sergeant Major explaining why rubber thong sandals are not appropriate casual wear for a United States Marine:

“If your foot gear has a G-string up between your toes and no strap around your ankle, that is a shower-shoe and is to be worn in the rain locker for field-daying your body. That’s it.”

Another definition of “Flip-Flops”:

Male prisoners who penetrate or fellate each other by mutual consent.

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When I finish today’s post I have to go to the county courthouse to get a copy of my birth certificate.(Yes,I have one!) because I’m filing for retirement next week.With my luck I’ll have to stop by Home Depot and get an illegal to carry my BC since its probably chipped in stone.Which reminds me I still owe Jesus three bucks.How old am I really?I can remember when the Dead Sea was just ailing.

There are some things going on in the world today,but The First Sphincter sort of sucked up all the oxygen yesterday.The first few posts ain’t gonna be pretty.


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Some grins for y’all

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