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Before Obama vs After Obama


Comparing National Debts

01/20/2009 The Day Obama Took Office
Debt held by the public: 6,307,310,739,681.66
Intragovernmental holdings: 4,319,566,309,231.42
Total public debt outstanding: 10,626,877,048,913.08

05/04/2009 Today
Debt held by the public: 10,913,690,789,940.87
Intragovernmental holdings: 4,758,225,566,670.49
Total public debt outstanding: 15,671,916,356,611.36

The Debt Held by the Public is all federal debt held by individuals, corporations, state or local governments, foreign governments, and other entities outside the United States Government less Federal Financing Bank securities. Types of securities held by the public include, but are not limited to, Treasury Bills, Notes, Bonds, TIPS, United States Savings Bonds, and State and Local Government Series securities.

Intragovernmental Holdings are Government Account Series securities held by Government trust funds, revolving funds, and special funds; and Federal Financing Bank securities. A small amount of marketable securities are held by government accounts.

Data from http://www.treasurydirect.gov/NP/BPDLogin?application=np


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Posted by Pistol Pete

Given the trials you face every day I thought the best gift I could send you was the gift of laughter.Hope you enjoyed your day!

The Obama campaign advance team said yesterday in view of the poorly attended kickoff rally the next event will be held at Goldie’s Tattoo and Massage Parlor in Chillicothe,Ohio.Good seats are still available and a luncheon may be served depending on whether or not Moochele shows up.

On Sunday Joe Biden declared he is “perfectly comfortable” with gay marriage.He also stated he preferred KY jelly as a lubricant and favors Cover Girl base makeup to hide the whisker burns.

Elizabeth Warren,looking to burnish her Native American cred,changed her name to Princess Squat-en-got-it.Her great-great-great grandmother was married to Chief Rain-in-the-Face.Her name was Princess Pain-in-the-Ass.

Obama announced plans today to increase our strategic oil reserve by wringing out Debbie Washerwoman-Schultz’ hair.

Yesterday the CIA uncovered a plot to make more underwear bombs in Yemen.They were tipped off when an informant showed them a pair of shorts that were labeled Fruit of the Boom.

In a related case,a suspected terrorist was detained aboard a US-bound flight when a flight attendant noticed him squirming in his seat and suspected him of smuggling small fur-bearing rodents.Air Marshals found an explosive device in his underwear along with a fig, two dates and a half-eaten goatcheese and olive sandwich.

ADDED BY CtH … I went looking for a ROFL graphic to thank you for the belly laughs but none of the pics spoke to me. Then I found this, which made me howl, so here you go, Pete. ROFLMAO!!


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