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Posted by Pistol Pete

I’m feeling Goofy today.(Don’t tell Minnie Mouse,she’ll get jealous.)

George “Goober” Lindsey,star of the Andy Griffith Show died yesterday.He was 83 years ols.He is survived by his half-brother, ‘Goober Junior’,also known as the Vice President of the United States.

Sarah Jessica Parker was at the Kentucky Derby Saturday.She finished a disappointing 7th,blaming it on her new shoes.

Obama has invited the new French president to the White Hut for a visit.Obama plans to give him a signed copy of his book,the Pomposity of Dope.

Hollande will give Obama a gallon of suntan lotion.

I thought these up this morning while I was delivering the papers.If you like them,I could try to post a few as events warrant.


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