I Want Your Money

Dearest and I watched this. It’s very well done! Highly recommend.

I Want Your Money – 2010 PG 92 minutes

From Netflix: Drawing on presidential speeches, comic animation and graphics, this rousing political documentary examines the U.S. economy and holds the government accountable, with Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama pitted as flip sides of the federal spending coin. The film describes the course of the American dream during recent administrations, with such politicos as Ken Blackwell, Mike Huckabee and Andrew Breitbart putting in their two cents.

From Netflix Customer Reviews:

I expected criticism of Obama, but was pleasantly surprised by the criticism of W. I also liked the fact that JFK was shown as a refreshing example of a fiscally conservative Democrat. This was much less Republican propaganda than I expected. It fulfilled all my expectations in its exposure of corrupt power-hungry politicians (from both parties).

I’ve been voting in presidential elections since 1972. I was a Democrat then with idealistic visions of a government which creates a Utopia for us all. It didn’t happen. As I matured over the years I saw the folly of big government and the destructive influence of entitlement programs which tend to destroy personal ambition. This film brings the issue into such a sharp focus that I can honestly say that EVERY VOTER SHOULD SEE THIS FILM. Nowdays I vote for the person whose values I share. Mostly conservatives.

This movie should be viewed by every American who intends to vote in the next election in 2012, no matter if you are Democrat or Republican. This movie asks the question do you want to control your own destiny or do you want a nanny state incompetent government control your destiny, along with your hopes and dreams. It leaves the message that government does not create jobs it can only provide the environment for Americans to build businesses that create jobs. Every High School kid in America should be forced to view this movie.

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