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Obama’s not-so-secret ‘kill list’

Obama’s kill list revealed [2:40]

Obama has a lot of blood on his hands.

Krauthammer: Obama Denounced Enhanced Interrogation; Now He’s Judge, Jury And Executioner [3:23]

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I was surprised in the Krauthammer video that the ever-effusive Obama-phile Juan Williams freely admitted Obama is a flaming hypocrite on this issue!

Of course, he then praised Obama’s tough leadership. Par for the course, right? “Do whatever it takes to get elected” is Commandment One in the Democrat play book.

The New York Times broke the ‘kill list’ story which reveals that Our Fearless Leader, Barack “I got bin Laden” Obama, has been taking a very hands on, tough guy approach to the whole “keeping America safe” thing.

In fact, Barack is personally overseeing the shadow war with Al Qaeda and making those Big Tough Decisions about who of the world’s most wanted terrorists should be assassinated. Don’t you feel safer now? Don’t you just really want to vote him into a second term?

Tough Guy Obama prefers ordering “kill” over “capture” … maybe because dead terrorists don’t cause messy political problems by hiring whiney liberal lawyers from their cells at Gitmo.

Obama did, after all, rant at length about how eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil Bush was for Torturing Detainees At Gitmo (never mind Nancy Pelosi herself was one of the CONGRESSIONAL leaders who specifically approved all 3 waterboardings).

Obama also swore left, right and center that He Would Close Gitmo No Matter What … except he didn’t. But that was 2008, when he was the Messiah of Hope, Change and Moral Superiority.

Never mind that dead terrorists ALSO don’t give us any intel about who their buddies are or what evil plots they might be hatching. Obama’s got to run a campaign and his first term record sucks. What else can he run on besides, “I killed bin Laden”?

I agree with The Kraut that this story was deliberately leaked to take Obama’s Tough on Terror meme to a new level … plus to get the spotlight back on HIM and off those goofball SEALS who went and complained they didn’t like being used in his campaign ads.

And it’s the Times for crying out loud. Of course it says that Teh Won is only Tough in a GOOD way …. NOT like that bloodthirsty bastard, the Eeeevil Cowboy Bushitler.

Never mind that Teh Won — the President Formerly Known as a Lawyer who once insisted that military detainees be Mirandized —  has now gone and ordered the assassination-by-drone (minus trial by jury) of an American citizen (a decision he told colleagues was “an easy one”). Civil rights violations? Nothing to see here. Keep on moving.

The Grey Lady reassures us that Barack is nothing like the Evil George Bush! He totally “rejected the Bush administration’s false choice between our safety and our ideals” by insisting the CIA be way more careful about Avoiding Civilian Casualties!

Never mind that they are apparently avoiding “civilian” casualties by more or less counting everybody inside the strike zone as a combatant, which reminds me of what Clinton did to improve his unemployment numbers by creating the “discouraged workers” category into which he could shovel the long-term unemployed.

I’m kinda wondering something here. Who exactly is supposed to be impressed by this thing that wasn’t already in the tank for Obama anyway. Anyone?



Obama’s ‘secret kill list’ shows president is final word on terrorist killing missions By Dylan Stableford – May 29, 2012


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American Catholics and Political Party Affiliation

A prominent Pennsylvania Democrat has switched her political affiliation to the GOP. In her letter of resignation to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, she wrote that it was “time to move forward with my life in a direction that is more in line with my faith.”

In an interview with the National Catholic Register, Nardelli said, “I thought I could make a difference to change our party. It didn’t work. … It’s been going more and more to the left. This is not my father’s party. I did not leave the party; the party left me.”

From a speech delivered to Congress by Alabama Senator Thomas J. Heflin on January 28, 1928: Get ready for this battle. The Roman Catholics of every country on the earth are backing his campaign. Already they are spending money in the South buying up newspapers, seeking to control the vehicles that carry the news to the people. They are sending writers down there from New York and other places to misrepresent and slander our State, all this to build a foundation on which to work for Al Smith for President. The Roman Catholic edict has gone forth in secret articles, “Al Smith is to be made President.” Doctor McDaniel said: “Of all countries the Pope wants to control this country.” “The Knights of Columbus slogan,“ said Doctor Chapman, . . . ”is make America Catholic.” Here they tell you in their book that they will force the propaganda of Protestants to cease, they will lay the heavy hand of a Catholic state upon you and crush the life out of Protestantism in America.


Pennsylvania Democratic Leader Defects to GOP, Cites Catholic Faith as Reason – May 29, 2012

Warning Against the “Roman Catholic Party”: Catholicism and the 1928 Election


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Let’s push our luck again,shall we?


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The War on (Unborn) Women

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The War on Baby Girls: Part 1 – Undercover in Texas [7:26]

The complete, unedited video and transcript can be viewed at

Chrissy’s Site Bites @

Chrissy’s Site Bites @

Chrissy’s Site Bites @


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Thirty months of misery

Brought to you by Obama Democrats

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Fair is fair

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Chrissy’s Site Bites @

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Test of Fire

Test of Fire: Election 2012 [3:08]

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Take a moment to remember

Our freedoms didn’t come cheap.


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