Obama’s $8 Billion Dollar Bait-and-Switch Trick

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Here is how it works. HHS is allowed to spend money without specific approval by Congress on experiments aimed at increasing the efficiency and economy of health services. This 1967 statute has been properly used in the past to study the effects of new medical techniques or strategies aimed at lowering Medicare costs. Obama means to misuse it for a blatantly non-experimental and wholly political purpose. The Government Accounting Office recommends HHS cancel the project. If Obama insists on continuing, Congress should immediately launch a very public investigation.

Source: An $8 billion trick? Toying with Medicare to fix elex By Benjamin E. Sasse & Charles Hurt – April 23, 2012


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5 responses to “Obama’s $8 Billion Dollar Bait-and-Switch Trick

  1. KellyM.

    This is our new normal.


  2. Ting

    Thank you so much for sending this aroundon your webshots Postcards, Chrissy. This is really important, I think.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Me, too. I sent it to everyone I know who is or has a Senior, including some I know voted for Obama.


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