Obamacare adds sales tax on homes

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A 3.8 percent sales tax may not sound like much. But it would add $3,800 to the cost of a $100,000 home or more than $15 grand to the cost of a $400,000 home. If the GOP wins in November, they have promised to overturn Obamacare and pass common sense, economically sound health care legislation. If Obama and the Democrats win, count on this tax and many others to kick in and further depress the economy.

Source: ObamaCare Flatlines: ObamaCare Taxes Home Sales – Clobbers Middle-Class Americans

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14 responses to “Obamacare adds sales tax on homes

  1. Ting

    This makes me so nervous that I have brought the entire bag of Chex Mix into my office and am scarfing it down indisciminately. Oh good grief. I have got to get a grip!


  2. John Nail

    This is real baloney. Please make some attempt to get the facts right.

    The bill would impose what is essentially a capital gains taxes on some home sales made by a limited number of taxpayers. The health care law contains a new 3.8% tax on “unearned income” for high-income taxpayers. Unearned income includes capital gains.

    So to me this is simply a slight increase in the capital gains tax on real estate sales/gains for some wealthier people. To be hit by the 3.8% capital gains tax, you have to be a married couple making more than $250,000 in adjusted gross income or $200,000 if you are single. Then the capital gain on the home sale must also exceed $250,000 if you are single, and $500,000 if you are a married couple.

    So nothing to see here for 99% of us…