The Obamacare Abortion Fee

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It is obvious between this blatant funding of the abortion industry and the finalized HHS rule that requires all plans to cover birth control and abortifacient drugs that the DNC, the Obama administration and the pro-aborts have ZERO commitment to protecting our First Amendment rights.

If we lose in the fall and Obamacare gets fully enacted, it will only be a matter of months before all policies will be required to cover abortion and all Americans will be required to pay $1 a month to fund the abortion industry … which in turn funds the Democrats at every level of government.

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2 responses to “The Obamacare Abortion Fee

  1. Obamacare was passed in Congress ONLY because Barack Obama assured pro-life Democrats that it would NOT involve paying for abortions, so they felt okay about voting for it. Can’t believe they fell for that lie. What a bunch of dupniks.


  2. anonymous

    $1 a month to fund the abortion industry sounds cheap. Seeing that some don’t want to spend that much to educate the children that we already have and would rather spend $2 to lock them up later. Promoting the Amendment Rights to procreate, but not to speak or redress of grievances, how ironic. Expecting a politician that would not say anything to get what they want… caveat emptor or in some cases, cave canem.