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  1. Pistol Pete

    For those not familiar with Chicago,Mayor Tiny Dancer convinced NATO to hold their meeting in the Toddlin’ Town.The estimated cost will run into the millions,which he assures us will all be paid with ‘private money.’ Apparently, they found some little green aliens to foot the bill,because we all know democrats won’t pay for ANYTHING!! themselves.
    Merchants protested because of the mayhem and destruction by the Occupy-types that always show up at these things to burn,loot and commit various other felonies.Now they warn people living nearby to evacuate for their own safety.My question is,if they know the violence that will surely ensue,WHY THE HELL ARE THEY DOING IT???
    I’ll bet Rahmbo is getting a kickback from the hotels,caterers and police unions for all the overtime they’re going to collect.But hey,that’s just me…what do I know?

    • chrissythehyphenated

      So your choice is to leave so the O-Nazis can loot and burn with impunity OR stay and try to defend your property? What a deal. NOT. Especially since guns are banned in Chicago. Do they let you have pitchforks to turn your compost or are pointy gardening tools also banned?

    • anonymous

      What did you expect from FOX? People are routinely told to leave town or risk being trapped in different areas during major sporting events. Not to mention evacuating complete sections of towns and closing roads for things like parades and auto races. The knee-jerk reactions says, lets just ban everything that draws a crowd, creates traffic congestion or causes deaths. Starting with Football, Soccer, Baseball and ending with Political conventions as another obsolete notion that needlessly causes all of the above and not to mention, wastes billions of tax dollars(Especially if in held in Vegas or Columbia).

    • GP

      There is nothing I am more resentful of than students who choose to spend 100 grand on a teaching degree and then decide I should help pay for it.
      I went to the only school I could afford, even though I had great grades and graduated near the top of my class. But I could only afford jr. college and the cheapest school in the state and that is where I went. I took out a very modest loan for my senior year, since I worked my way through. I took extra classes and graduated in under 4 years. I paid off my student loan by working 3 jobs.
      Then we saved to pay for our own kids education, with no loans and no help from the government.
      So why should I have to pay for the education of any occupoopers or spoiled brats who partied their way through college!!!
      This really pisses me off!!!

      • chrissythehyphenated

        I have no problem with low interest, deferred payment plans for students. It’s to society’s benefit for talented people to get qualified to do the jobs we need done. The only people who piss me off are the jerks who take the money, then default on the loans.

        I got through college without loans, because of my parents help, scholarships, working and going to a cheap but excellent state school. But I also ended up qualified to do just about nothing.

        Dearest earned a professional degree in architecture, something society really needs done, though not very many people appreciate that fact. One woman asked me what an architect does and when I tried to explain, she said, “They make drawings before building a building?” …. Good grief. I wouldn’t start a bird house without at least sketching it out.

        The amount of stuff Dearest has to know to do his job never ceases to amaze me … everything from the load-bearing properties of various building materials to weather management to toxicity in building materials to accessibility, zoning and safety ordinances. And for all this he gets to be in the lowest paid white collar profession in America. We’ve seen a lot of people leave architecture; the pay is just so bad. But Dearest loves it. And it does need doing.

        He’s also a heckuva lot more liable for not doing his job well than some I could point to (teachers for example) who get paid a whole lot better AND have get paid vacations, health insurance and retirement pensions. But what happens if a teacher does a crap job? It seems like they can’t even be fired if they molest their students, never mind fail to teach. As for doctors, just TRY and not pay one when you have gone for a consult and gotten NO help whatsoever or worse been mistreated and/or misdiagnosed. BTDT. They don’t give a crap. They want to be paid for their TIME, not for a satisfied customer.

        Dearest gets paid for work completed. Period. And he only gets paid when his client is happy AND isn’t a scumbag who dodges the bill … which has happened. It beats me how anyone can steal services from a man who is the sole support for a disabled wife and 3 minor children, but it’s happened. Not often, thankfully. But once is too often in my book.

        He also carries lifetime legal liability on any design he stamps, but we can’t afford liability insurance, so he is just really careful and we hope for the best. We got sued once because someone fell on stairs the homeowner had not put a handrail on. The rail was in the drawings, but we got sued anyway. If any of his buildings ever falls in and kills anyone, we’re done for.

        So excuse me for not feeling bad that he got school loans to help get himself through a very expensive degree. Even with loans, scholarships, and help from an employer, it took him 17 years to finish. Then we got to pay off his college loans while we were simultaneously starting a business, bearing kids and saving up for a home.

        Our eldest was in sixth grade before we made his last payment. It was almost as big a high point as the day he graduated, just without the tassel or the family picnic to celebrate. Come to think … we should’ve had a picnic! LOL

        • Bob

          I hear you, Chrissy. My husband went for many years without professional liability insurance (his theory was that if we didn’t have insurance, no one would bother to sue us, because they wouldn’t be able to get enough money to make it worth the trouble). But then it got to where some clients wouldn’t hire him unless he carried liability insurance, so we had to get it. It costs an arm and a leg. :-( He’s been practicing architecture for 35 years and hasn’t been sued yet (thank God), but as you say, the liability never ends until you’re dead. That sucks. Fortunately, he got through architecture school on his G.I. benefits combined with what he earned working in his dad’s machine shop, so didn’t have student loans to pay off — in that way he was very lucky.

  2. Pistol Pete

    The dems are desperate to find hammer the GOP with

  3. Pistol Pete


    • GP

      The tea party is making this priority number one all over America. The IL tea party estimates we have over 6 million inelegible or dead voters on the rolls. There is no way dems win if we clean this up. Join your local efforts!

  4. GP

    This earth day, this will really save the earth:

  5. What A Hoot

    old clip of Allen West making the rounds again. It is just as good second time around, I must say, and just as relevant!

  6. chrissythehyphenated


  7. chrissythehyphenated

    Good news for the unborn in Mississippi!

    This bill requires all physicians associated with an abortion clinic in Mississippi to be board-certified or eligible in obstetrics and gynecology and to have staff and admitting privileges at a local hospital.

  8. chrissythehyphenated

    Woot!!! Baaaad news for the Obama Campaign!