Democrat Civility

More of that “new tone” we were promised …

Liberal Bob Beckel Loses It: Screams “You Don’t Know What the F*ck You’re Talking About” on Hannity [:24]

So classy how he flatly refuses to apologize for dropping the F bomb on television.

New Tone… Democrat Tamara Holder Says Mitt Romney Is ‘Borderline Brain-Dead’ [1:18]

Democrat strategist Tamara Holder cannot produce ONE THING that has improved under Obama. Rather than honestly answer Hannity’s question or respond to any of the facts he cites, she goes off on a rant about how Mitt Romney is “borderline brain-dead.”  TIP: After you listen to the clip, turn the sound off and play it again so you can just watch Malkin’s face … esp at 1:10. ::snort::

Michelle Malkin’s Advice to Mitt Romney: “Quit Calling Obama ‘A Nice Man’ …He’s Not”

Michelle gets to respond to the above. Note how she kept quiet during Tamara’s rant, but Tamara cannot bring herself to give Michelle the same courtesy. AFTER Hannity insists she shut her pie hole, Michelle goes on her own rant and it’s a doozy.



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3 responses to “Democrat Civility

  1. I love Michelle’s facial expressions! She’s hilarious!


  2. Ting

    Not only her facial expressions, but every word Michelle said was exactly right. Love her!