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Special prosecuter Angela Corey just announced George Zimmerman is in custody and is being charged with 2nd degree murder.Her press conference started out with a shoutout to the poor thugs parents then she went on to stress how she was not swayed by  public pressure and the defendants rights will be protected.I doubt it.

Thanks to pressure from the media and the usual suspects he is as good as convicted.So begins Obama’s long hot summer campaign.The trial will probably conclude just before the election,so we’ll hear about this all summer.




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The Democrats’ Biennial Campaign Twilight Zone

Only during campaign season do Democrats give any lip service to the small government, free market principles that drive Conservatives all the time. On April 10; 2012, President Obama proclaimed,

“The Democratic vision is one that says that free market is the key to economic growth, that we don’t need to build government just for the sake of expanding its reach.”

Obama: I won’t question my opponent’s patriotism By Byron Tau – April 10; 2012

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I owe HOW much?

The national debt clock is the scariest thing on the internet.

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Obama’s rate of debt increase is THREE TIMES Bush’s

July 3, 2008: The day before Independence Day, Candidate Obama said that it was irresponsible and unpatriotic of Bush to allow the national debt to rise by $4 Trillion over his 8 years in office. What is three times worse than irresponsible and unpatriotic? Criminal and treasonous?

In 2008, Obama said that Bush added $4 Trillion to the national debt “all by his lonesome.” Not that he wants to take sole credit for the $6 Trillion that’s piled on since he moved into the Oval Office. We wouldn’t want to confuse the issues by noting that it’s Congress that writes the budget or that it was the Democrat-controlled Congress that took over in 2007 that did most of the debting Obama attributed to Bush.

At least, under Bush, Congress actually produced a budget. The Democrats who have been in charge of the Senate since Obama took office don’t much bother themselves about doing what is undoubtedly their single most important job and something they are paid handsomely to perform … but don’t, because they’re way too busy blaming the Republican minority for keeping Obama from creating Ameritopia. This is also what Obama does whenever the debt comes up. Blame Bush. Blame Republicans.

It’s astonishing how much raw power one acquires simply by checking R on a voter registration card, isn’t it?

Republican Bush managed to add $4 Trillion to the national debt “all by his lonesome” and the Republican minority under Obama has managed to block just about everything poor old Obama and his good-hearted Democrat majority have tried to do over the past three years!

I really must look in the back of my closet. Seems to me, there should be a red, white and blue Spandex body suit back there somewhere. I wonder if it has a cape.

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