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Posted by Pistol Pete

I have decided to forego the usual report for this Holy Day,even though the violence,corruption,ridicule and hypocrisy continue as it did in the days of Jesus,the only perfect being that ever lived.When you think of what he suffered our own troubles seem a bit trifling somehow.With the struggle we are now engaged in for the soul of our nation,we know we have each other for support and God to lead us.He has shown the way,it is up to us to follow.There are many times my faith is shaken and I start to think He has forsaken me.That is when He takes me by the hand and shows me the way.

I am grateful he has accepted me with all my faults,doubts and fears and has shown me that He thought I was worth His dying for.May all my dear friends here have a Blessed Easter.I love you all very much.


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