The problem is simple

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2 responses to “The problem is simple

  1. A Mindful Webworker

    Relatedly (I guess – brain’s running in low gear today), just watched this vid yesterday, one of my greatest heroes, Milton Friedman, addresses “The Most Persistent Economic Fallacy of All Time!” I think maybe h/t to Ace of Spades.

    And perhaps even less on-topic, I’ll throw this in anyway, courtesy of AC on Moonbattery:

    A young commie asks his political officer, “So what do we do after we liquidate the one percent?”

    The seasoned Marxist responds, “Oh, that’s easy – then we liquidate the one percent.”


    • chrissythehyphenated

      That’s what the French Revolutionaires did … they got so blood-thirsty, they ended up murdering each other until there was noone left and the regular people were so sick and scared, they welcomed a dictatorship just to have some order.