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Traveling by Train

I finished up another UFO! (Quilt speak for UnFinished Object.) I have about ten more to go, oy. But this one is a special cause for celebration, since it is my gift to Dearest for Everything 2012. Since I didn’t finish up Christmas until February, I am feeling Very Cocky about being all done with 3 holidays that haven’t even happened yet. Ha!

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As Chrissy told you,I’m having problems with my new computer.The old one died Saturday.It went quietly,in its sleep.Just like my granddad.Not screaming and pounding on the windows of the car he was driving at the time.

Don’t ask me how I did that…I don’t have a clue.


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Death of the Blue Dog

NOTE: I GOT AN EMAIL FROM PETE.  He’s having technical difficulties and can’t get the Grudge Report up. Feel free to use this one as a place to share good links today, k?


Death of the Moderate . . . Democrat
By Erick Erickson – April 27, 2012

It is worth noting that on Tuesday several moderate Democrats went down in flames in Pennsylvania, continuing a trend that has escalated since 2008. Liberals do not want moderate Democrats in their caucus.

What is most interesting about it from a conservative perspective, however, is how there has not been a ton of coverage about the death of the blue dogs — more dogs dead in Barack Obama and the left’s war on dogs. Had moderate Republicans been defeated, we would have major stories on pretty much every news network and on the front page of every paper in America.

Routinely we hear that Republicans cannot win in New England, despite Republican successes in New England in 2010. Routinely we hear about the GOP driving moderates out of the party. Big tent cliches surround the stories. Rarely does the ongoing purging of the Democratic Party make such news.

In fact, the Democratic Party has become increasingly hostile to moderates, though the media rarely cares to focus on this because the reporters who’d pay attention often are to the left of the moderate Democrats and proclaim their position the center. Those moderate Democrats are, therefore, well outside the mainstream.

I do not lament the decline and fall of the Blue Dog Coalition. The United States remains a center-right nation and Democrats must continue to run as “centrist” to appeal in swing states. Their true colors ruin their chances. The fewer “centrists” they have, the more difficult it becomes for them to appeal to voters, including Hispanic voters who continue to be some of the most socially conservative voters in America.

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Pro-Aborts in Obama Administration

NOW: Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at Health and Human Services
FORMERLY: Top Media Director for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest abortion business

NOW: Assistant Attorney General for the Office of the Legal Counsel
FORMERLY: Legal Director for NARAL Pro-Choice America (formerly known as National Abortion Rights Action League)

NOW: White House Communications Director
FORMERLY: Director of Emily’s List, a political PAC that only supports candidates who favor taxpayer-funded abortions and opposed partial-birth abortion ban

NOW: Director of the Domestic Policy Council
FORMERLY: Emily’s List board member

Also picked by Obama for powerful positions:

NOW: Head of Obama’s re-election campaign in North Carolina
FORMERLY: Director of Public Policy for Planned Parenthood Health Systems

NOW: Federal judge appointed by Obama to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
FORMERLY: Board member of Planned Parenthood

Obama Admin Hires Planned Parenthood Spokesman at HHS
by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 4/20/12 3:17 PM


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Why AARP membership is shrinking

N.b., Snopes verifies the authenticity of this letter @

I found some subtle differences in the version I received in email; the version below is exactly what appears at the author’s website (URL at the bottom)

Dear Mr. Rand,

Recently you sent us a letter encouraging us to renew our lapsed membership in AARP by the requested date.

I know it is not what you were looking for, but this is the most honest response I can give you. Our gap in coverage is merely a microscopic symptom of the real problem, a deepening lack of faith.

While we have proudly maintained our membership for several years and have long admired the AARP goal and principles, regrettably we can no longer endorse it’s abdication of our values. Your letter specifically stated that we can count on AARP to speak up for our rights, yet the voice we hear is not ours. Your offer of being kept up to date on important issues through DIVIDED WE FAIL, presents neither an impartial view we have come to embrace. We do believe that when 2 parties agree all the time on everything presented to them, one is probably not necessary. But, when the opinions and long term goals are diametrically opposed, the divorce is imminent. This is the philosophy which spawned our 200 years of government.

Once upon a time we looked forward to being part of the senior demographic. We also looked to AARP to provide certain benefits and give our voice a power we could not possibly hope to achieve on our own. AARP gave us a sense of belonging which we no longer enjoy.

The Socialist politics practiced by the Obama administration and empowered by AARP serves only to raise the blood pressure my medical insurance strives to contain. Clearly a conflict of interest there!

We do not understand the AARP posture, feel greatly betrayed by the guiding forces that we expected to map out our senior years and leave your ranks with a great sense of regret. We mitigate that disappointment with the relief of knowing we are not contributing to the problem any more by renewing our membership. There are other organizations which offer discounts without threatening our way of life or offending our sensibilities.

This presidential administration scares the living daylights out of us. Not just for our selves, but for our proud and bloodstained heritage. Even more importantly for our children and grandchildren.

Washington has rendered Soylent Green a prophetic cautionary tale rather than a nonfiction scare tactic. I have never in my life endorsed any militant or radical groups, but now I find myself listening to them. I don’t have to agree with them to appreciate the fear which spawned their existence. Their borderline insanity presents little more than a balance to the voice of the Socialist mindset in power.

Perhaps I became American by a great stroke of luck in some cosmic uterine lottery, but in my adulthood I CHOOSE to embrace it and nurture the freedoms it represents as well as the responsibilities it requires.

Your website generously offers the opportunity to receive all communication in Spanish. ARE YOU KIDDING???? Someone has broken into our ‘house’ invaded our home without our invitation or consent.

This president has insisted we keep the perpetrator in comfort and learn the perp language sp we can communicate our reluctant welcome to them.

I DON’T choose to welcome them.

I DON’T choose to support them.

I DON’T choose to educate them.

I DON’T choose to medicate them, pay for their food or clothing.

American home invaders get arrested. Please explain to me why foreign lawbreakers can enjoy privileges on American soil that Americans do not get? Why do some immigrants have to ‘play the game’ to be welcomed and others just have to break and enter to be welcomed?

We travel for a living. Walt hauls horses all over this great country averaging over 10,000 miles a month when he is out there. He meets more people than a politician on caffeine overdose. Of all the many good folks he enjoyed on this last 10,000 miles this trip yielded only ONE supporter of this current administration. One of us is out of touch with mainstream America. Since our poll is conducted without funding, I have more faith in it than one which is power driven.

We have decided to forward this to everyone on our mailing list, and will encourage them to do the same. With several hundred in my address book, I have every faith that the eventual exponential factor will make a credible statement to you.

I am disappointed as hell

I am scared as hell

I am MAD as hell, and I’m NOT gonna take it anymore!

Walt & Cyndy
Miller Farms Equine Transport

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Big treats for you mascot lovers!

Mama Buzz is both a gracious daughter, letting me in on all the little doings of our darlings, AND a fantastic multi-tasker. She managed to video while offering Bunny her first taste of solid food. Sweet potato. The body language is such a hoot … ew … weird … gimme more. LOL

The day I did this with little Corporal K, she just could not seem to get the hang of the tongue movement needed to push the food back for swallowing. She kept doing her nursing tongue thrust, which just shoved it all forward.

In frustration, she employed her favorite comforter, The Thumb. Lo and behold, that pesky food just went right back where she could swallow it. So The Thumb it was, for months.

She also found it comforting to stroke her cheek with her fingers while sucking, which when combined with spoon feeding, smeared baby food mush across her face on one side. Then, she’d wear out the thumb on one hand and switch sides, creating a kind of smeared European windshield effect … in orange or purple or green or brown … LOL.

She also developed a distinctive rhythm that the spoon wrangler had to maintain or baby hell broke loose. Spoon in, thumb in, smear face, swallow, thumb out (but not too far!) and open wide for more. Woe betide the poor sod who didn’t have a freshly loaded spoon poised in mid-air!

It was sometimes hard to feed her at all, what with laughing at her and all. No doubt scarred her for life. Still … wouldn’t it be grand if I had had a video-camera-cellphone back then so we could all laugh at her again and again?! I’m bad. I know it.


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Who are the One Percent?

To the extremists of Occupy Wall Street, the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans are all Wall Street vultures preying on vulnerable workers.

The reality is quite different.  For one thing, they live all over the country. For another, they are much more likely to be physicians or self-made business owners than hedge fund managers.

Some things do characterize top earners, but it isn’t race, conservative politics or even silver spoon families. (Only two in five inherited money. The rest made it on their own.)

One percenters work much longer hours than the rest of us. They are more likely to be self-employed and nearly twice as likely to be married. They also have more children (though not more cars) than middle- and upper-middle-class families.

A vast majority graduated from college and, in a whopping 27 percent of couples, both partners have advanced degrees.

They earn less than 20 percent of all pre-tax income nationally, pay more than 25 percent of all federal taxes and account for nearly 33% of all charitable giving.

So much for the idle, selfish rich myth.

The overall average income for all of the top 1 percenters nationally was $1.5 million a year. At the top end are billionaires like Warren Buffett.

At the bottom end are households that earned as little as $380,000 a year … which is $20,000 less than we pay President Obama, whose job also includes enormous perks like luxury housing and five star cuisine, round the clock security, limousine, helicopter and private jet service, and dozens of office and household staffers.

Obama also has a fortune tucked away from previous years when his book sales brought him millions in extra income. Since his book income dropped, he is no longer in the stratosphere of the top ten percent of the top 1 percent. This group of the super rich has only 120,000 tax filers in it. Their average income in 2011 was $6.8 million.

But in 2009, Obama took in $5.5 million from book sales, making him easily a member of the evil elite … or so the Occupiers would say, if they had any sense.

Although many one percenters lean toward the Republican Party, they’re far from politically homogeneous.  Just take a quick look at prominent Democrat supporters like Warren Buffett and George Soros, mega-rich entertainers like Oprah Winfrey, Michael Moore and Tyler Perry, and the goodly number of wealthy politicians.

See: The Democrats and Class Warfare

But even those who say they don’t mind paying more in taxes aren’t happy with being demonized for being hard-working and successful. Some say they fear the class warfare that Democrats and Occupiers are promoting puts their families’ safety in jeopardy. Some have been personally targeted by protesters, making their fears understandable.

One pair of the “evil, idle” one percenters interviewed by the New York Times didn’t even know about Occupy Wall Street. They are much too busy curing cancer 11 hours a day, then squeezing in some quality time with their two children to follow politics. When the slogan was explained, the wife shook her head and suggested some context was in order. She and her husband had spent fourteen years each studying and working long hours to achieve their current income level. And they are still paying off medical school loans.

Another man noted that he had built his business from scratch and is proud of it. He works hard, creates jobs and contributes to charitable causes. “I’m not hurting anyone. I’m helping a lot of people.”

One noted, “If you pay $50 million in taxes, is that fair or unfair? When a tax is specifically designated for a tenth of a percent of the economy, it’s hard not to feel targeted.”

But is this wise? Do we really want to allow the Left to demonize hard work and success?  If the pot at the end of the rainbow has nothing in it but scorn, slander and punitive taxes, who will bother to give up so much to invent a new gadget, get advanced professional training, or build the businesses that provide the products, services and jobs we all want?

Jon Lovitz slams Obama and Occupy Wall Street (Profanity Warning) [5:15]


Among the Wealthiest 1 Percent, Many Variations by Chang W. Lee – January 14, 2012

Who are the 1 percent?  NY Post editorial – January 17, 2012

Obama family 2010 income falls to $1.73 million from $5.5 million – April 19, 2011


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No gutsy call, just CYA

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Even when they’re lying, DemocRATS manage to expose their true nature. Note that, in Vice President Biden’s version, the tough part about the decision was the risk Obama was taking with his political career, not the risk he was taking with the men he was sending into harm’s way.

Chrissy’s Site Bites @

There are more goodies about the Obama and bin Laden fable @
Chrissy’s Site Bites “Osama bin Laden” album

Of special note:

Obama dithered before giving go

Obama did not watch, photo was staged

2011_05 12 Biden identified the SEAL team that killed bin Laden

Source for top graphic:
What ‘Gutsy Call’?: CIA Memo Reveals Admiral, not POTUS, Controlled bin Laden Mission – April 26, 2012


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Count Chocula

Chrissy’s Site Bites:

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Useless rhetorical question … what would Colbert think about a conservative comedian ridiculing Gabby Giffords’ personal appearance? The word lynching comes to mind.

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Angry Voter?

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