Keeping my head on straight

One of the ways I keep sane when my kids are in a war zone is making stuff to give them. These are the seasonal wall-hangings for the current denizens of places I don’t like to think about. They’re 2 feet by 4 feet more or less.

They decided to put their seasonal hangings in the dining room. They are terrific cooks and love to entertain. He is a whiz with the grill and made us the most moist and delicious Thanksgiving turkey I’ve ever eaten! She puts a lot of effort and creativity into making their home beautiful and welcoming. Her specialty is fresh fruit and vegetable “bouquets” … fancy-cut stuff on sticks arranged in pretty flower pots. They’re so fun AND delicious!

The two wall-hangings on the left began with pre-printed panels. Epiphany has less quilting, but lots of beading you can’t see very well. Spring has a lot of quilting, but no beading. I used to do stained glass back when I could still stand for long periods of time. I miss it, so this fabric panel just called out to me. I quilted all the black lines with a fancy zig-zagging stitch that caused a neat puckering you can’t see that imitated the texture of the glass I would have chosen if I had made this from glass.

Autumn is made of 4″ by 4″ scrappy patches, using fabrics left over from previous projects. I went with a kind of Amish thing with the stark black background and tried to suggest the change from harvest to first frost with the colors. The backing and binding fabric was a very special find. The background is his favorite team’s color and the overall line drawing is red roses, which she carried in their wedding. After it was all done, I quilted falling leaves on it with a variegated yellow-orange-red thread.

These are so much prettier in person. You can see some details if you zoom in, but mostly, photos just don’t capture the texture and dimensionality that makes quilts so beautiful.

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3 responses to “Keeping my head on straight

  1. Ting

    Beautiful! I especially love the autumn one. The quilted leaves are a really nice touch.


  2. KellyM.

    You are blessed to have this talent which allows you to create something beautiful while those you love are in harm’s way. As a mom, I cannot imagine how difficult that is for you, I think I would go crazy.