Hurrah for happy children!

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6 responses to “Hurrah for happy children!

  1. Ting

    I love how she is reaching for him with her little hand, and looking so engaged!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Me too! I love how it says, “That’s My Big Brother!” 🙂 I will be totally unsurprised when she marries a man who looks exactly like her Daddy and Big Brother, then gives Mama Buzz a bunch of grandbabies who look just like her babies did. She’ll be thrilled! 🙂


  2. Auntie Lib

    Yay for grandkids!!! I’m in Oregon spending some quality time with my three little grandboys – including two-week-old Finley. Amazing how many directions toddlers can go at one time! I still haven’t been able to get a picture of all three of them – maybe tomorrow :-).


  3. FranklytheNut

    They look SO much alike. Mine didn’t, nearly as much.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Daddy Buzz’s genes seem to run strong. His mom says Lil Buzz is the spitting image and I can believe it. He has my hands, but the shape of his face, head, smile, even his hairline are all Daddy.

      Every so often, I see a little flash of Mama Buzz in Bunny. Mama sends lots of photos and little videos, plus we learned how to Skype! So I do get to see their little changes and how they move.

      My girls favored me strongly (my brothers called it “spooky”), then Dearest (many jokes about how all she needed was a beard), then our Marine who looked more like me, but has a lot of features from relatives we haven’t identified. LOL

      Everyone else always told me they looked so much alike, but I think it must be from their expressions and such that they got from us and each other. Their skin color, hair texture, body proportions … they’re all different. Only one of them can wear my shoes and none of us can swap clothes.

      Even their necks are so different that when I make sister necklaces where I want the focal pieces to land in the same relative spot, I have to use three different lengths for the chains.