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Hurrah for happy children!

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Keeping it classy

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My opposition to Obama has nothing to do with race or greed. It has everything to do with him being an immature, narcissistic ass who wasn’t, isn’t and never will be fit to be president of this great nation.


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That’s the wrong finger

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Keeping my head on straight

One of the ways I keep sane when my kids are in a war zone is making stuff to give them. These are the seasonal wall-hangings for the current denizens of places I don’t like to think about. They’re 2 feet by 4 feet more or less.

They decided to put their seasonal hangings in the dining room. They are terrific cooks and love to entertain. He is a whiz with the grill and made us the most moist and delicious Thanksgiving turkey I’ve ever eaten! She puts a lot of effort and creativity into making their home beautiful and welcoming. Her specialty is fresh fruit and vegetable “bouquets” … fancy-cut stuff on sticks arranged in pretty flower pots. They’re so fun AND delicious!

The two wall-hangings on the left began with pre-printed panels. Epiphany has less quilting, but lots of beading you can’t see very well. Spring has a lot of quilting, but no beading. I used to do stained glass back when I could still stand for long periods of time. I miss it, so this fabric panel just called out to me. I quilted all the black lines with a fancy zig-zagging stitch that caused a neat puckering you can’t see that imitated the texture of the glass I would have chosen if I had made this from glass.

Autumn is made of 4″ by 4″ scrappy patches, using fabrics left over from previous projects. I went with a kind of Amish thing with the stark black background and tried to suggest the change from harvest to first frost with the colors. The backing and binding fabric was a very special find. The background is his favorite team’s color and the overall line drawing is red roses, which she carried in their wedding. After it was all done, I quilted falling leaves on it with a variegated yellow-orange-red thread.

These are so much prettier in person. You can see some details if you zoom in, but mostly, photos just don’t capture the texture and dimensionality that makes quilts so beautiful.

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Another Chrissy’s Projects Report

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One of my repeatable fun projects is quilted seasonal wall-hanging for the kids’ home decor. They’re hung on a curtain rod through a fabric sleeve, so are really easy to swap out. Each of the kids has her own size, which really had most to do with what size the first one I did for them turned out. But now that they have committed wall space slash curtain rod for that size, the repeats for each household match.

The latest is nearly done. It’s only the second for Casa Buzz. The first celebrated Mama Buzz’s visit to The Netherlands and is pictured @ http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/photo/2868441020056011884TAOdZP. The patches for the window and door of the windmill are photos I printed on fabric and sewed in. The window is a photo of Mama Buzz at the Keukenhof. The door is a photo she took there of the Muscari River, which is probably the most famous flower feature in the park.

Mama Buzz collects miniature snow globes and loves frogs and the 12 Days of Christmas song, so when I found Twelve Days of Christmas done in frogs and the first one had a snow globe, I HAD to get it for her! The tree etc. is all my design. You may recognize the froggy panels and … yes … I really have been working on this project since my earliest days at Hillbuzz. Sigh. People kept having BABIES that needed quilts! What could I do? LOL

Chrissy’s Site Bites: http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/photo/2530058500056011884qSnTAA

The other fun project I want to brag on today is my 90-gallon fish tank rehab project. It took us months to get through all the steps, which are recounted in my album “Habitats for Piscinity” @ http://pets.webshots.com/album/580643604eipFTd, along with some of my past fish-keeping projects. I can’t do the hobby like I used to, but I just couldn’t bear to not have my pride and joy in the living room where I can lay on the couch and just mellow out with the fish.

Feeding is easy, but it’s been challenging to figure out how to manage the regular algae removal, water changes and filter cleaning since my heart attack. This latest decor made a big difference. It’s not as glamorous as the one I tried in 2005 @ http://pets.webshots.com/photo/2963684770056011884NzXIgf, but it’s a lot prettier AND easier to maintain than the minimalist one I tried next @ http://pets.webshots.com/photo/2132944310056011884sWRhqO.

Chrissy’s Site Bites: http://pets.webshots.com/photo/2172993390056011884ZncnHw


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Another Supreme who ignored the law

I’m guess Kagan really admires this guy, what with him being a liberal activist who thought himself so morally superior and spiritually insightful that he could ignore the law. No surprise it was his invention of the alleged right to privacy that led to the end of all legal protection for unborn human beings in this country.

Chrissy’s Site Bites: http://news.webshots.com/photo/2616968190056011884wBVzuI

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Posted by Pistol Pete

There’s not a lot going on today,so I guess it’s time for a rant on the story that will be politicized ad nauseum for the forseeable future.I’m going to post a few links,although everybody will draw their own conclusion.

I have never considered myself a racist,just an ordinary man who thinks people should be judged on what they have in their souls.I resent women who are mothers at 14,grandmothers at 29 and great-grandmothers in their 40’s.I resent neighborhoods in my own town where whites dare not go after dark and running red lights when the thugs are on the street lest I be carjacked and beaten to death for my car and whatever I have in my pocket.I resent working hard every day of my life and sacrificing so my kids could have a better life then being told I’m greedy because I’m not giving my ‘fair share’ to people who’ve never worked a day and don’t plan to.

There is a Congressional Black Caucus,Miss Black America pageant,Black Businessman’s Assn. and Council of Black Colleges.They get race-based preferences and police and fire departments are forced to lower their standards to allow more blacks while bypassing more qualified white applicants.Liberal politicians fundraise in tax-exempt black churches because white people are too intimidated to protest.

Do you know what the #1 cause of death among black males 16-30 is?Homicide.It’s an everyday occurrence.No special outrage.Last weekend there were over 40 shootings and 18 deaths in Chicago alone.When the weather gets warmer,the crimes will increase substantially.A lot of white-guilters believed Obama would bring the races together.We all knew differently,didn’t we?Racial hatred is the left’s main weapon to keep these sheep on the plantation.

Being intelligent,rational people we wait until all the facts come out before we draw any conclusions.Leftists are the antithesis of rationality.They operated on raw emotion and the Trayvon Martin shooting gave them an excuse to raise hell.All the usual race-hustlers are out in force,including Teh Won,the most shameless race-baiter of all.

This allows him to change the subject from high gas prices,a disastrous energy policy,Obamacare being heard by SCOTUS next week and the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia calling for all churches to be burned.There are many things of far greater import we should be talking about,but the LSM will milk this for all its worth.And that,to me,is the real tragedy.

Rant over for now.I don’t expect any responses,but I said what I felt needed to be said.If I get banned for political incorrectness,so be it.


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