Kagan refusing to recuse on ObamaCare

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5 responses to “Kagan refusing to recuse on ObamaCare

  1. Ting

    Of course she won’t recuse herself. They’ve come too far now to turn back. Really, I do have some empathy for her in this. She may feel in her heart that she should recuse herself, but be frightened to do so with this bunch in charge. Doesn’t excuse it, but isn’t it pathetic that the thought even crossed my mind that a Supreme Court Justice might feel intimidated and fear for her safety?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Yes. On the other hand, she may just believe she’s above silly things like RULES, what with her being a wise Latina and all.


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  3. Auntie Lib

    It really ticks me off that Roberts isn’t demanding that she recuse himself. It’s a wonder the guy has any kids – he sure doesn’t seem to have the necessary implements to have produced progeny.