Say good-bye to Gerry Mander!

Will wonders never cease!  Following the 2010 census, DEEP BLUE New York was forced to surrender two of its 29 seats in the United States Congress.  (That means, we also will have 2 fewer electoral votes this fall, thank God.)

Following the utter failure of our State pols to agree where the new districts should go, a panel of federal judges took over and decided for them.

And none too soon, I might add, seeing as New York candidates for Congress have to begin collecting signatures to qualify for a spot on the state’s primary ballot and kinda sorta need to know what districts they’re going to be running in. Duh.

Amazingly enough, the judges decided to go with compact, common-sense districts, putting people together based on geography and population density, rather than on how they’re likely to vote or on where the current incumbents happen to live.

The new map eliminated the mid-Hudson Valley district represented by retiring Democrat Maurice D. Hinchey, as well the Brooklyn-Queens district formerly represented by Democrat slime-bucket Anthony Weiner.

Weiner’s special election replacement, Republican Bob Turner, is seeking the Republican nomination to challenge Democrat Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand who occupies the seat Hillary Clinton vacated to become Secretary of State.

I’m feeling very schadenfreude-ish* over the fact that The Socialist Republican of Ithacastan is no longer gerrymandered to benefit the red diaper babies and effete elite ivory tower types, but instead is grouped with the rural, predominantly Conservative and Republican, wine-and-dairy counties of southwestern New York. Hee hee hee!

*Would you believe? Schadenfreude-ish is actually in the WordPress spell check dictionary! LOL I spelled it wrong at first, but it’s correct now, in case you’re ever wanting to use it. Such a cool word, dontchathink?

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5 responses to “Say good-bye to Gerry Mander!

  1. i don’t even live there, and I could kiss them!


  2. GP

    If we could only do this in ILL inois.


  3. Tony Rancont

    We need more states redistricting like this. Make the districts as square and blocky as possible, and leave ’em that way.


  4. GP

    Compare to the IL map, where all districts zig zag into Chicago, and go north and south through different counties, and even chop up whole towns, like mine, just so they favor demwits.