The media bias just goes on and on

On November 9, 2010, after Barack Obama had occupied our highest office for two years, The New York Times published a rather bizarre and heretofore unknown biographical nugget about his childhood.

It seems his nanny in Indonesia was an openly gay male transvestite.

Dunno as I care, but it does rather beg the question why such a detail had never gotten out before, you know?

Oh wait. The media protects the Left.

Early in 2008, the New York Slime ran an article suggesting that John McCain had had an affair. There was no EVIDENCE for it, but that didn’t stop them from putting it out there … on the FRONT PAGE.

Meanwhile, they and the rest of the Laughing Stock Media absolutely REFUSED to INVESTIGATE allegations that 2008 Democrat Presidential hopeful John Edwards had fathered a child with his mistress, WHILE he was running for VP on John Kerry’s 2004 ticket AND his wife was fighting an ultimately losing battle with cancer.

2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s affair?  False, yet front page news.

2008 Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards affair?  True, but totally ignored by the “real” news media.

Seriously. Ya think if Sarah Palin had been raised by a tranny nanny, the NYT would have ignored the story until two years after the campaign?

Tell me another one.

November 2010: Guess what? President Obama had a ‘tranny nanny’ growing up in Indonesia.


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7 responses to “The media bias just goes on and on

  1. The sad thing is they really believe they’re not biased,much the same way a fish doesn’t realize its wet.Its just what they relate to.As far as Obummer,they were so obsessed with ‘making history’ by electing a black(kind of)man.they gave up what little pretext of objectivity they may have claimed.They succeeded with the help of a man more concerned with being polite than actually winning.Now that they’re all in,they can’t turn back.It does no good to complain about media bias;it will never change.Just deal with it.


    • You’re right that media bias will never change, Pete. But it’s still worthwhile to point it out, to make more people aware of it, so they won’t take as gospel truth whatever they hear from the lamestream media. People need to learn to be more skeptical, and us pointing out the bias and outright hypocrisy of the LSM is useful for that purpose. (I speak from experience, as one who used to trust the LSM, until I was educated out of my credulity.)


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Sorry, Pete. This is a very big, very important issue for my target audience. If you are tired of hearing about it, just skip these posts, k?


  3. Rightly or wrongly we’re all entitled to our opinion.
    I did not mean to give offense.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      What came across as judgmental is, “It does no good to complain about media bias;it will never change.Just deal with it.”

      Media bias is one of my hobby horses. That part of your comment felt to me as if you were telling me to stop posting on the subject.


      • I would have thought you’d know me better than that by now.The thought of trying to stop someone from expressing themselves is an anathema to me.I have never and will never criticize anyone for speaking their mind.


  4. Ting

    I think there is just as much bias in what they choose to report on as the actual reports themselves – the transgendered nanny being a very good example, Chrissy.