As always, Bill Whittle is both informative and funny.


“EVERYBODY knows that Republicans are EVIL! What kind of Evil? Greedy, Fascist, Racist evil — the worst kind! Bill Whittle unravels the facts behind this perfect storm of evil in a breezy fashion that provides a hurricane of historical data to lift the white robes of even the most stalwart Democrats.”



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3 responses to “GREEDY! FASCISTS! RACISTS!

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Oh boy … my primary ballot arrived. Now I have to actually MAKE UP MY MIND. Yoiks!


  2. Ting

    Good luck with that! I would have voted for Newt if I could have, but I was stuck with having to vote for Ron Paul. It was not a satisfying experience, I tell you.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Newt wasn’t on your ballot? Boo!

      I prayed over and debated between Gingrich and Santorum yesterday, thinking it would be this long process with the “mail by” deadline looming before I made up my mind. I surprised myself by deciding I was sure enough by day’s end to fill out my ballot and post it. Mine may be one of the first to arrive. 🙂

      As much as I admire Santorum as a man, I just don’t see in him the kind of street fighter I think we need to go up against the Chicago Democrat Union Media Thug Machine running Obama’s campaign. Newt has a toughness and a sense of humor that remind me strongly of Reagan.

      I will support whoever the GOP picks of course and I could happily endorse the others for positions in the cabinet. They have real strengths. Dearest likes Romney for Sec of State. Paul is supposed to be a real whiz at domestic finance. And I’d far rather see Santorum running HHS than that faux Catholic abortion queen Obama put in.