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The Constitution

Chrissy’s Site Bites: http://news.webshots.com/photo/2936495480056011884AsVYcO
Source: http://www.nccs.net/articles/ril14.html
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RESOURCES for studying the Constitution of the United States:

Outline of the Constitution of the United States [2 pages]
Easy to print out and use to help understand the structure as you’re reading or listening.

David Currie reads the Constitution of the United States [50 minutes]
I downloaded this easily. The quality of the sound recording is very good.

Great deals on pocket copies of the Constitution
64¢ for one (to cover postage) with SASE
Prices also included for bulk purchases. The BEST deal is 100 for $30 (shipping included).


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As always, Bill Whittle is both informative and funny.


“EVERYBODY knows that Republicans are EVIL! What kind of Evil? Greedy, Fascist, Racist evil — the worst kind! Bill Whittle unravels the facts behind this perfect storm of evil in a breezy fashion that provides a hurricane of historical data to lift the white robes of even the most stalwart Democrats.”


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Democrats hated Lincoln, campaigned on White Supremacy

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Chrissy’s Site Bites: http://news.webshots.com/photo/2852045420056011884dGGDdV

Chrissy’s Site Bites: http://news.webshots.com/photo/2073437370056011884yqWEJc


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The media bias just goes on and on

On November 9, 2010, after Barack Obama had occupied our highest office for two years, The New York Times published a rather bizarre and heretofore unknown biographical nugget about his childhood.

It seems his nanny in Indonesia was an openly gay male transvestite.

Dunno as I care, but it does rather beg the question why such a detail had never gotten out before, you know?

Oh wait. The media protects the Left.

Early in 2008, the New York Slime ran an article suggesting that John McCain had had an affair. There was no EVIDENCE for it, but that didn’t stop them from putting it out there … on the FRONT PAGE.

Meanwhile, they and the rest of the Laughing Stock Media absolutely REFUSED to INVESTIGATE allegations that 2008 Democrat Presidential hopeful John Edwards had fathered a child with his mistress, WHILE he was running for VP on John Kerry’s 2004 ticket AND his wife was fighting an ultimately losing battle with cancer.

2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s affair?  False, yet front page news.

2008 Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards affair?  True, but totally ignored by the “real” news media.

Seriously. Ya think if Sarah Palin had been raised by a tranny nanny, the NYT would have ignored the story until two years after the campaign?

Tell me another one.

November 2010: Guess what? President Obama had a ‘tranny nanny’ growing up in Indonesia.


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Posted by Pistol Pete

After some research and further analysis,Chrissy was spot on regarding the infamous EO I posted yesterday.I think we’ve seen so many outrages from this usurper we are ready to believe anything.

I copied this comment from a thread on another site;I think it’s worth reading.

And the most evil aspect of this president is that he was elected hating the majority who put him in office and hating them still as they let him get away with his thuggery and outlaw presidency because of his skin color.

The hater still hates.

Proving what many of us have said all these years: no matter what is done, no matter who destroys their lives in order to “repair” race relations, no matter how much property is confiscated, people ill treated and lives stunted, there will still be those who will continue to say nothing has changed and we want more. For those there is nothing that will ever be enough. It’s time to move on and let the chips fall.

The spirit of Obama has not softened but hardened with his successes. He does not have the soul to see that he would not be where he is today if what he believed was true. He is soulless and mindless, a programmed robot whose animating thoughts were seared into his psyche at an early age, and lacking the intellectual ability to connect the dots he has lived a blinkered and blighted interior life carefully maintaining the outward appearance of a cool and detached observer. You don’t hate with such a steady vehemence, you don’t organize your relationships, your profession, your education, your MARRIAGE, and your life around hatred for decades into middle age and beyond without it taking over and perverting your mind to everything in your life.

America has in this president an emotionally unbalanced and vengeful grown up adolescent whose influence will never be expunged from our national psyche. He has done his damage and it will reverberate through the rest of my lifetime as well as the lives of millions. Even if he is defeated we will be like those whose lives were put in danger and who managed to escape: always wary, not quite what we were. More cynical, less trusting. Less American. More Soviet.

Just imagine what he must have been thinking about all of us as he looked out at the vast adoring throngs in 2008 and as he was invoking the word hope and secretly thinking: hate. America gave him their trust and he used it to sharpen his fangs.


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