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I wasn’t going to post today,but I came across this message from the Tea Party.I’m sure most of you are aware of it,but here it is:

excerpt from

The Exec.Order allows the nationalization of pretty much the entire USA even in peacetime if he desires. They can, under this order, restrict civilian travel by any mode, including (probably) foot travel. They can ration food. They can restrict water usage, even from private wells. They can ration any and all drugs, including OTC and vitamins. They can collectivize farms. They can take over all energy production, including home solar units. It also allows for drafting civilians. If they have need of your skills, they can compel you to work for no compensation. All this not in a time of war, but in time of “National Emergency” (several EO national emergency states already in place) or even in Peacetime

This refers to the EO Obama signed without fanfare Friday.



If you think he wouldn’t dare try something,you don’t know him very well.



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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I tried to read this thing. It is MILES LONG. I tried to track back like I did with the very first Executive Order Obama signed after his inauguration, to suss out what he’d really changed, but it’s beyond me.

    March 16, 2012: Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness

    At the end, it says it revokes Executive Orders 12919 and 12656, so I looked those up. Also miles long.

    Executive Order 12919 – National Defense Industrial Resources Preparedness by Clinton, 1994

    At the end of this, it says it supersedes or revokes a string of orders dating back to 1939.

    Executive Order 12656 – Assignment of Emergency Preparedness Responsibilities by Reagan, 1988

    This one revoked Executive Orders 10421 and 11490

    Executive Order 11490 by Richard Nixon 1969 @

    This one revoked a string of EOs back to December 1953.

    Executive Order 10421 by Harry Truman in December, 1952 right before he left office @


  2. Do you think people are reading too much into this,or does he really have an agenda?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I dunno. Maybe Rush will have someone with the brains and expertise figure it out for us. I dug into that first EO he did, which was MUCH shorter and only revoked two or maybe three previous ones.

      So far as I could discern, it took what the Evil Secretive Bush had defined as nobody’s beeswax and greatly expanded it to basically include everything that anyone associated with Teh Won might say, do, print or scribble on a post it.

      IOW, the FIRST act of this President who had campaigned on how “transparent” he would be was to throw a giant veil of secrecy over his entire administration.

      Chrissy’s Site Bites:

      I’d be surprised only to learn this new one did NOT contain something evil. I’m just not qualified to suss out what the evil might be.


      • chrissythehyphenated

        Okay. Color me surprised. It looks like it was just housekeeping to bring the 1994 stuff into line with changes Bush made after 9/11.

        From HotAir: “Why the update? If one takes a look at EO 12919, the big change is in the Cabinet itself. In 1994, we didn’t have a Department of Homeland Security, for instance, and some of these functions would naturally fall to DHS. In EO 12919, the FEMA director had those responsibilities, and the biggest change between the two is the removal of several references to FEMA (ten in all). Otherwise, there aren’t a lot of changes between the two EOs, which looks mainly like boilerplate.”


  3. Go to Hot Air, Ace of Spades and Legal Insurrection, they’re explaining the EO pretty well and agreeing … no big deal.


    • What A Hoot

      Anything a usurper, whose goal is the “fundamentally transform America” does is a Big F**king Deal! (Thanks to Biden it is acceptable to say that). This is a BFD because it is a Little F**king Deal added to many other LFD, making it a BFD that America is officially F**ked.


  4. What A Hoot

    Before coming to Polination I was flitting around cyberspace searching stuff on Holder and ended up at a few interesting places of Black Panthers and such, even came across an article supposedly a Kenyan newsoutlet talking about Obama being born there. Then I came here and wrote my BFD comment. When I clicked the submit button I was taken to this

    “Server Maintenance
    Your server is going through a few minutes of routine maintenance. Please don’t touch your browser for a few minutes.
    What do I do?
    If you were posting a comment or making a post on your blog then do not press BACK on your browser. Wait 5 minutes and press the refresh icon on your browser. Your comment or post will be sent as normal.
    If you are browsing a blog here just wait a few moments and hit refresh. The page you were expecting will appear.”
    So, I ask the others if they get this when click to another site. No other computer on this server got it. Well, I wasn’t going to wait five minutes to give anyone a chance to put any sort of tracer on my computer (pretending to be paranoid) and did what it said not to do — press the back button. It came back to Poli but was stuck on waiting for comment to post. Next clicked refresh button an there was my BFD commented nicely posted. Weird.


  5. Ting

    If this is true, then Santorum is definitely only running for Vice President. Otherwise he would have to be way too dumb to trust with the Presidency.