My heart aches for God

Excerpt from an astonishingly beautiful essay called “On Being Made for Infinity”

“The problem I have with atheism, materialism and all the rest is not so much that they are false ideologies, as that they demand I be content with the limited. Our desire for beauty cannot be infinite, for an infinite desire constitutes an infinite satisfaction … Christ bled and died that we might have infinite love, infinite goodness, infinite beauty, and the infinite satisfaction of our hungry, pining hearts. We are to be infinitely fulfilled. We are meant for unimaginable ecstasy. Let us never cease to plunge the depths.”

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3 responses to “My heart aches for God

  1. I love love love the Allegri “Miserere.”

    How someone can be an atheist while listening to that is beyond me.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Ditto. The feelings I have listening to this makes me understand Lewis’ argument about appetites. We get hungry; there is food. We get thirsty; there is drink. We get horny; there is sex. Why would we feel this intense longing for the transcendent if there were nothing to satisfy it? Must we not be made for more than just this material, finite, mortal existence?